5 Characters We’d Like To See In The Next Batman Game

POTENTIAL MINOR SPOILER ALERTS: The following article mentions several elements from Arkham City that may ruin some surprises for you if you’re still playing though it doesn’t give away any plot or endings. Read at your own discretion.


Arkham City brought in a lot of characters that we were only teased about in Arkham Asylum. Hush, Mad Hatter, Penguin and others made appearances throughout the game. There is however still an entire cast of characters that could still be introduced in the next Bat-game and here are our top 5 that we’d like to see!!


1. NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson)

Getting his own DLC in Arkham City just left a lot of fans wanting more. His lack of much dialogue/banter left some fans disappointed but I think Rocksteady could make it up to fans by bringing the original Boy Wonder into the next game. Grayson has always been an integral part of the Batman mythos and even Robin (Tim Drake) got a cameo during the story this time, so I think it’s time for Nightwing to be brought in as well. Whether it be a cameo appearance like Robin, an AI controlled mission like some of the parts with Bane, or even side missions like Catwoman would be a great to see!



We’ve seen Commissioner Gordon and with the next logical step in locale being a fully realized Gotham City it seems only logical we run into some of the GCPD, more specifically the rotund hardass Harvey Bullock himself. Bullock has always been a fan favorite and has always been a face for the Gotham City Police Department that is instantly recognizable. Oh and of course he hates Batman, so why not give him some banter or side missions in the next game?


Vic Sage, The Original Question


Much like Azrael in Arkham City, The Question could be a great “find me if you can for more info” type of characters, I mean he’s even known for disappearing into a cloud of smoke. Whether it be the original Vic Sage or his predecessor Renee Montoya, The Question would fit right into Rocksteady’s dark toned game series. Renee Montoya seems like the best choice for the role however, being that she’s a former Gotham Cop and has a more clearly defined history with the Bat franchise. Not to mention seeing more female characters besides Ivy, Harley and Catwoman certainly couldn’t hurt the game. Not to mention, The Question would make an interesting foil to the Riddler. Someone who asks Riddles, and someone who seeks answers? How could you beat that!

The 2nd Question, Renee Montoya



Though he appears in some of the Challenge Maps and a brief cameo in game getting his ass handed to him by Tyger Security, Black Mask has always been one of Batmans more dangerous foes. A son of a wealthy Gotham family, Roman Sionis saw the “masks” that his family and others hid behind in public and made a more literal one for himself. In some stories, his mask is carved from the coffin his mother was buried in. Truly demented and dangerous, Black Mask could be the “new” villain for the 3rd game, much like Two Face, Penguin and Mr. Freeze were in Arkham City.

5. THE CREEPER (Jack Ryder)

Jack Ryder has now had cameos in both Arkham Asylum on the radio and in person in Arkham City. It’s time for his famous alter-ego to make his appearance as the insane anti-hero The Creeper! The Creeper could be a great foil and some needed comedic relief in the next installment of the series where he could be on a mission of his own and in need of Batman’s help! Ryder was nearly assassinated in Arkham City and could be on the look out for revenge, leading to another side mission where you help the Creeper track down the assassin. His ludicrous comments and outlandish style could make an interesting addition to the Arkham series!


So there you have it, the top 5 character we want to see in the next Batman game! Did we miss someone you think deserves to be on the list? Someone you think has been ignored by the Arkham games? Or is there even someone who’s had appearances but hasn’t been given their just dues? Let us now! Leave a comment and join the conversation!!!

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