52! 52! 52! DC Comics to REBOOT it’s entire line!

The New Justice League by Jim Lee

DC Comics will be making history this September. We’ll be renumbering the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues. We’re publishing innovative storylines featuring our most iconic characters helmed by some of the most creative minds within the industry.

Not only will this initiative be compelling for existing readers, it’ll give new readers a precise entry point into our titles. And on top of that, all of these titles will be released digital day-and-date across the board.

Yesterday was just the beginning. After all, we don’t want to spoil the many surprises we have up our sleeves. It’s so important to us to make sure you maintain those feelings of excitement and unexpectedness when you pick up a new issue of our books.

We’re energized and looking forward to have you come on this journey with us as we make history this September.

–Jim Lee & Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publishers


That’s right. DC is rebooting 52 titles with a brand new fresh start. I held off on talking about this as new information continues to come out. Originally we didn’t even know if they were all reboots, or just a ploy to get readers back. Would the 52 #1’s all start in a brand new continuity or would they continue  the stories with the characters we already know? Well as of right now it looks like the “reboot” isn’t much more than DC renumbering all of it’s books and starting several new titles. Justice League, Green Lantern and The Flash among other titles will all start fresh with many of the creative teams changing including Geoff “Golden Boy” Johns taking on writing duties for the new Justice League with art by the comic book Icon Jim Lee. New titles will see characters like Mister Terrefic, Captain Atom, Hawkman, and Firestorm getting their shot at stardom. There are even rumors abound that the renumbering will see some of those “Multiverse” titles that have been talked about since the end of Final Crisis finally getting done. But that is of course, just rumor.

Green Lantern 1 cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

I’m not sure how I feel about this idea. Some of the titles, like The Flash, were only in the teens of their numbering anyway. Though I do understand that new readers may have been scared away by jumping into Superman or Wonder Woman at issues #784 or whatever they were up to. At the same time, comic prices have lowered so that in the struggling economy fans can continue to get all the books they want. Personally, I’m at the point of getting my books MONTHLY because money can be so tight sometimes. Along with the announcement of DC renumbering the books, they will also be releasing all their titles digitally on the same day as print. I’ve talked before about my curiosity with digital comics here. This may be the bit that sees me “trim the fat” off my subscription list and get the books I want and not so much the books I’m barely getting through. As I said before, digital comics are becoming the way of the future but at the same time I just don’t think I can leave my local comic shop behind!

The New Justice League International

Is DC bringing in new readers with these two new ideas or are they just alienating their current readers with more frustrating ploys? The next few months will be interesting indeed for comic book fans. Personally, I think DC may lose more followers to MARVEL with this move than they’ll actually gain. But time will tell and I could very well be proved wrong.



Mister Terrific art by JG Jones





PETER is really behind on his comic books and feels like this is going to leave him in the dust. He’s actually quite upset with how a lot of DC stories have been going over the past year or so and may actually jump ship to become a MARVEL guy himself. But he still loves Green Lantern anyway.








It appears that IGN has leaked the covers to Nightwing, Batgirl and what looks to be a Catwoman title!

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