A Letter To The Pessimist Star Wars Fan

Dear “Star Wars Fan”,

I apologize for the delay in this letter but I wanted to make sure I got this just right. A few days ago we learned together that George Lucas is selling Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company. Shocking? Not really. Lucas has always had close ties with Disney ┬áincluding the Star Tours rides, selling their merchandise, Star Wars Weekends and more. Years ago when they initially made the Star Tours rides George said he wouldn’t trust any other company to treat his property with respect. If he was to work with anyone, it’d be Disney.

Earlier this year George turned over daily operations in the company and for several years has expressed no interest in continuing to work in the film or television business. So it really shouldn’t be any surprise that Lucas sold his company to Disney. We’ve all seen the signs but refused to believe that Star Wars would be anything but George Lucas’ baby. There is another problem, as a “Star Wars Fan” you absolutely trash the prequels any chance you get. “George is out of his mind!” you said. “I wish someone would take control of these movies away from him!” you said. “Episode VII in 2015?! NO! NO! NO!” In a way, the man himself listened. He sold his company to Disney, the same company that bought Marvel Comics and has so far proved with their film franchise that they are in good hands. But no, George selling his company? How could he?! The monster!

Basically, George listened and you still trashed him for it. George will still be involved in the future Star Wars projects but will not be directing or seemingly writing them at all. He’s simply going to be in more of an advisory role on the film and TV projects. Lucas stated the other day that he always hoped Star Wars would outlive him and that this was a step in the right direction to make sure it does. I think Lucasfilm being bought by Disney is great news. We’re going to have more Star Wars films, TV shows, video games, & more.

In closing, I’m sorry you’re upset that George is listening to you. I’m sorry that we’re going to get more awesome lightsaber duels and spaceship battles. Man, that’s really gonna suck. I will give you this though, it is kind of depressing to think of a Star Wars film WITHOUT the 20th Century Fox logo/intro. But in the big scheme of things, that’s a small price to pay for revisiting a galaxy far, far away.




PS – Remember, even though they have rides/attractions for it at their parks already just like Star Wars, by buying Lucasfilm Disney now owns Indiana Jones.

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