A REAL Wildstorm Armaggedon

The NEW Stormwatch featuring Martian Manhunter, Apollo & Midnighter.

Comic fans know that for years now Wildstorm Comics (A DC Imprint) had been struggling to find a story/path that fit them. The characters were great, but the story was lacking. So in late 2010 Wildstorm was shut down with the announcement that it’s characters would be returning in the mainstream DC continuity sometime in the future. That sometime is now! With all 52 titles announced, which you can view here listed together by our friends at Pop Culture Zoo, we come to find THREE Wildstorm titles that look to end the comic lines exile as a seperate universe and bring the characters into the light. VOODOO, StormWatch, and Grifter will feature characters like, well, Voodoo and Grifter of the WILDcats as well as Apollo and Jack Hawksmoor in Stormwatch. So while some of those great badass characters may have been gone for awhile, they’re gonna be back with new designs, new stories, and new characters to interact with. The only question I have, will they keep that “edge” that the Wildstorm characters were known for? Only time will tell on that one.

In the new series, Hawksmoor, Midnighter, and Apollo team with Martian Manhunter as the ultra secret governmgovernment task force who are out to protect the world. In Voodoo, she’s a young girl who finds out she’s a half-alien hybrid and must come to terms with being “a monster.” Meanwhile in Grifter, Cole Cash is a charming and dangerous guy who is being called a serial killer after he begins killing evil creatures. The problem? The evil creatures live in people and only he can see them. Hmm, interesting, huh? I’ve got hopes for Stormwatch and Voodoo, but I have a horrible feeling that Grifter is going to crash and burn.

Finding out you’re a half alien hybrid will be tough for the new Voodoo!


PETER loves the Wildstorm characters, especially the WILDcats and The Authority. He really hopes DC doesn’t muck this up or he’s gonna be super pissed. But then again, he’s asking a lot of a relaunch. He hopes that if these titles do well, more Wildstorm characters will show up in the DCU like Mr. Majestic.

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