ALPHAS Don’t Take No For An Answer.

As one of the Syfy channels newest continues it’s rule of Monday nights, we find that Alphas may be the kind of show that makes you think, “Heroes, who?” Check out my review of the Pilot episodes here. Like many shows with ensemble casts, Alphas juggles your interest in multiple characters and the main story while trying to inform you of who these people are, where they’ve been, and how they’re dealing with their abilities. A lot of shows, like Heroes, struggled to deal with so many characters and such a heavy background for their characters. Alphas on the other hand, has so far done a great job giving you background for the characters, letting them develop who they are without sacrificing the story of individual episodes. Alphas doesn’t attempt to make every episode about some overall mythos like Heroes did. Instead, they take a more X-Files approach to the mythos they’re building by having important episodes in the overall story arc broken up by episodes that simply deal with their characters and how they get along.

The best example would be from a few weeks ago, the episode “Bill & Gary’s Excellent Adventure” where the two characters leave the rest of the team for more of the episode as they attempt to find a kidnapped girl. The important thing is that Gary, a high functioning autistic, is usually at odds with Bill, the tough and stern former FBI agent who doesn’t like babysitting Gary. The characters learn to better work with each other, accept each other for who they are, and by the end of the episode they even seem to like each other. Alphas in my opinion, is going to go on to be a hit for Syfy, unless of course they cancel it for no reason like they did Eureka.

PETER loves Alphas and it is one of the few things he genuinely looks forward to in TV every week. He also loves the theme song on top of the characters of the show. Good job Syfy, good job.

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