Author: Nicole

Morphin Monday: My Favorite Power Rangers Merch Out Today

Like many others, I like to wave my geek flag high and show everyone just how much I love something I’m passionate about. So I wear a t-shirt, decorate my house with varous props and buy my kid the latest toys all emblazoned with the logo. Here are a few of my favorite Power Rangers merchandise items out today.

This Cake is NOT a Lie

Two things I love in my life; baking and my husband, Chris. Two things Chris loves; gaming and homemade treats. With his deployment homecoming fast approaching I was frantically racking my brain trying to figure out how to combine the two for a relatively easy surprise. I decided to bake a cake; but not just any cake…

Geeky Giveaway!! UPDATE!

We are SO close to 100 “Likes” on Facebook that we’ve decided to host a Geeky Giveaway once that goal is reached! So tell your friends, family, neighbors, grocery store clerks and even your friendly neighborhood garbage man! Can’t wait…