DDPYogaA few weeks ago I took the first step towards putting my health into my own hands when I ordered DDPYoga. First off, yes I do shop by novelty so I’ll be honest that having retired pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page teaching you was one reason behind me getting it but it wasn’t the only reason. I did my research into a lot of different programs, I talked to my friends who were doing their own at home workout programs and decided that DDPYoga really was what was best for me. I was pretty overwhelmed when it arrived at how much information the program guide has for you. From a set schedule for working out to meal plan ideas, it covers more than just the moves of the work out itself. The great thing is that DDP encourages you to make the work out your own, showing you ways to modify the program based on your abilities.

On top of all of that, DDP is a great motivator. I find myself cursing at DDP on the TV when he pushes me, but I do it anyway because when you finish you really do feel better about completing it. I thought it was something only I did, maybe I was weird for cursing at the TV until I did the Energy work out with my friend Sara and heard her say “Fuck you” when DDP pushed us! “Make it your own” is a common phrase to hear from during the work outs or to modify it if you have to. With a program that lets you cater to your own abilities but still pushing you at the same time, how can you say no? Own your life with DDPYoga and be ready to yell BANG!!

I have to be honest, that for about a week and a half I fell off the program and didn’t do it once. The great thing about DDPYoga? If you fall off the program you just get right back on. It can happen to anyone. After a few weeks of doing the basic Diamond Dozen and Energy workouts, I finally moved on the the Fat Burner. I had these two for beginners down, how much of a challenge could the Fat Burner workout be, really? Well, it’s been such a challenge it’s the first time I’ve had to stop for a longer breather than what the DVD calls for. Through out the different workouts you always take a short break for water, a towel and to just breath, with the Fat Burner program I actually had to pause the DVD and wait longer for my heart rate to get back down. Well, Fat Burner, you showed me. Challenge accepted!

Overall, since I’ve started I have dropped a few pounds but nothing too drastic. I completely admit again that I just started eating better recently as well, so I KNOW that affected how much weight I was losing. The biggest thing I’ve seen is my flexibility and my back. When I was 22 I hurt my back at work and have chronic back pain ever since (I’m 26 now!) After starting DDPYoga, everything is sore the next day EXCEPT my back! My wife watched last night and even told me she could see how much more flexible I was becoming and by the end of my workout last night I really felt more flexible.

If you’re like me and ready to own your life, DDPYoga could very well be the step you need to make it happen. The program he’s put together really makes it simple for anyone to improve their quality of life and you really can’t argue with the results! It’s like having your own trainer in your house and then you get the full support of! So get ready to feel the BANG and visit!

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