BIGdamnPREDICTIONS: Survivor Series 2011

For the next couple of months we’ll be offering our prediction for all the upcoming WWE Pay Per Views in the aptly named BIGdamnPREDICTIONS. Today we’re going to go over Survivor Series 2011!



Divas Champion Beth Phoenix vs Eve 

PREDICTION: Beth will continue to dominate the title until a worthy challenger shows up. Beth is the the Diva that fans love because of her talent and skill but love to hate because of her dominating personality. I think for the time being she will continue to reign as Divas champ!

WINNER: Beth Phoenix



UNITED STATES CHAMPION Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison

Ziggler will also continue to hold the belt after this match, as I honestly think that he’s too good of a heel for them to lose the internet/fan heat between him and Zack Ryder. Ryder has stated he has something in store for the US champion after he was screwed out of a shot at the US belt after he BEAT Ziggler almost two weeks ago and then Morrison LOST to Ziggler not long after. #AreYouFUCKINGSeriousBro?

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler


TEAM ORTON: Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Mason Ryan


TEAM BARRETT: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Hunico, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

I’m calling Team Orton. Ziggler himself called it in a interview that Barrett used to be a big deal and has done nothing but lose the past year. Orton and his teammates are all pretty hot right now and other than Barrett, everyone on his team can afford a loss and keep their heat. Besides, if my first two predictions are right then the faces have to come out on top at some point tonight! Also note this is Zigglers SECOND match of the night as he replaces the injured Christian.

WINNER: Team Orton


WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk

Del Rio has been a decent heel but not a successful champion. His reign has been overshadowed by things like Cena/Rock, CM Punk, Triple H, and Kevin Nash. Not since the Miz has anyone cared so little about the WWE Champion. I’m predicting a CM Punk win as he’s the more likely to garner PPV attention/buy rates in the coming months as WWE looks to start promoting Wrestlemania earlier than the Rumble this year. If Punk fails? It’s only a matter of time before he’s champ again, with a possible Rumble win in his future.



World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry vs The Big Show

I’m honestly surprised by this feud. I believed Mark Henry deserved some attention with all the hard work he’s put into the company over the years, but I never thought he’d last this long as champion. Big Show is always a great champ whether he’s a face or heel. With the slobberknockers these two have been having the past few months this match won’t be featuring any fancy moves. I’m calling a Big Show win, not because I think he’s the right guy for the strap right now, but because I love the guy and honestly don’t have a clue who’s going to win. No matter what I see either of these men feuding with Daniel Bryan in the future as they start to build him up as the underdog.


John Cena & The Rock vs Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

The Rock is making his return to the ring after being away for over 7 years. He’s teaming with his Wrestlemania opponent against two men who could very well be the most hated (or annoying) men in WWE right now. Will they cooperate and put some Boots to Asses? Or Will Awesome Truth deal the two a loss that would only add to their Wrestlemania animosity? While I KNOW fans want to see Cena & Rock win, I don’t see it happening. If they lose it’ll only add to their feud and make them more bitter enemies. At the same time, if Awesome Truth wins it’ll put them over with more heat than ever as they would’ve beaten two of the most beloved wrestlers of all time.

WINNERS: Awesome Truth

So come back tomorrow and we’ll compare how many I got right with how many I screwed up! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @BigDamnGeeks tonight as I tweet along with results and the PPV happenings!

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