Blue Collar returns with “Them Idiots”

One for the Road was the last of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour specials, but that doesn’t mean the gang couldn’t get back together to some degree. 3 of the 4 Blue Collar boys return for “Them Idiots”, a special that aired on CMT in 2011. Jeff, Bill and Larry return with host Reno Collier for what is very true to what they started years ago. Them Idiots is a straight stand up special where each comedian features their unique, yet familiar brand of comedy that reminds you of why these guys were so popular to begin with. As the group grows older, their comedy doesn’t. There’s just as many jokes about farting, sex, and bowel movements as before but the guys also touch more the family life as their kids grow, and Larry experiences being married and having kids of his own. The show grows up a bit, but not by much! For the first time in quite a long time, I can remember crying from laughing so hard, something that seems to come less frequently to me from stand up lately but that I was surprised to find arrive from comedians I was so familiar with.

Available both on DVD and now available on Netflix Instant to stream, if you enjoyed the Blue Collar Comedy Tours and enjoy the southern humor of the “average guy” then “Them Idiots” is definately worth your time.

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