Browncoats Reunite for Firefly 10th Anniversary Special!

The Firefly cast and crew are reuniting for a 10 Anniversary Special for the Science Channel. The hour long special will feature the entire cast as well as creator Joss Whedon as they provide an entire history for the franchise that has covered television, comic books and a feature film. The special will air November 11th at 10pm ET/PT and will show off footage from the set as well as footage from this past SDCC anniversary panel. In honor of the series and special, the Science Channel even recreated the entire set of the Serenity!

Saturday November 11th will also feature a day long marathon of the Firefly series with all 14 episodes starting at 7am. That night at 8pm, the final two episodes will air featuring additional behind the scenes info and more in what the Science Channel is calling Firefly: The Special Edition!

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