Building our Season 2 of DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” Team!


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has been highly entertaining since its debut and has been a great way to highlight characters who are either new to us, only a reoccuring character, or just under utilized on their original show. SO, with that said, if the show was to pick up a second season and saw a new team of Legends teaming up to handle a perilous situation, who would you pick to be on the team? Who would they be up against? We had this discussion on Facebook with our friends Ian and Jeremy over at along with a few of our other buddies. I’m going to give you MY team I originally chose, and then give you some of the highlights the other guys gave you as well. In our original conversation we didn’t talk villains so I’m, again, going to give you MY choice and then try and get several options that would fit the other guys picks.




Serving as season two’s “Rip Hunter”/Team Leader, the Phantom Stranger would bring the team together to stop this seasons villain. (More on that to come!) Possessing Mystical and Unknown Powers, little is known about the Phantom Strangers past, as he has had several possible backstories and origin stories through out his history with DC Comics. The season would explore the multiple different versions of his origin and ultimately leave it up to the viewer to decide which, if any, or all are true.



Currently serving time in prison in the DC Teleivison Universe (From here on out to be referred to as the DCTVU) would see Helena be picked out of prison by the Phantom Stranger in an attempt to redeem herself for her past misdeeds. Being one of the few team members this time who has (as of writing this) been introduced in the DCTVU, Helena would be our main anchor. Like White Canary and Hawkgirl she’s a badass with a past of violence that she is trying to atone for, however she doesn’t work well in team environments nor does she take well to the mysticism being brought into her world by the Phantom Stranger. This new, unexplainable element in her life sees her often at odds with her team leader and her nonsense style will crash with some of her other teammates, who we will be getting to next!



A time traveler from the distant future, Booster Gold is a hero who steals hero/future technology and returns to the past to be an impressive superhero but turns into more of a joke/marketing tool. Accompanied by his robotic sidekick and holder of history/knowledge, Skeets, Booster is the Superhero with advertisements on his suit and money in his pocket. He is also, in fact, connected to season 1 of Legends of the Future in that Booster is Rip Hunter’s Father, though he usually is unaware of this in stories. This could lead to a return of Rip for season 2 in dealing with the redemption of his Father from being a joke hero into a true “Legend of Tomorrow.”








Kord Tech has been mentioned more and more on Arrow, so it seems only a matter of time before the CEO of Kord Tech, Ted Kord aka The Blue Beetle, shows up. Ted will rely on his own technical advances to keep up with his teammates, while trying to understand how the Beetle Scarab, a mystical/technological artifact in his possession, works. Beetle will be buddy buddy with Booster in their classic Gold and Blue team of fun loving, light hearted heroes. Beetle however will have a long coming story arc we’ll get to later that includes our season villain and the Scarab itself.




In this version, Rick is the son of scientist who created what would become the Mirakuru in the DCTVU. After the events of Deathstroke and Mirakuru in Starling City, Rick has gone back to the serum and transformed it, allowing its super strength, speed and invulnerability to last for only one hour at a time. Rick is the young, dashing, hero type always jumping into battle before he thinks. He looks down on his teammates who rely on tech instead of having natural or super abilities.







Daughter of Professor Harrison Wells from Earth-2, Jesse is adapting to life in a new dimension and after aquiring her own super speed, becomes a speedster and adopts her fathers nickname for her, Jesse Quick. Jesse is a around the same age as Rick Tyler, leading to romance between the two, though her father objects to bother her joining this team dynamic as well as her relationship with Hourman. After being helpless against Zoom, Jesse is quick to run in to save and protect others. (Unless Zoom kills her soon or something on Flash.)







The Elongated Man is a more mature figure than most of his teammates. He is a middle aged detective with the ability to stretch his entire body at will. (Yes, like Plastic Man.) Ralph will be this teams version of Professor Stein, the older team member who understands the science and detective work they have to do. Unlike Stein on his own though, he can hold his own in a fight as well without necessarily running in head first.








In Legends of Tomorrow it will be ambiguous if this version of Sandman is in fact the original Wesley Dodds or his successor Sandy Hawkins. He has to ability to dream of future events when he sleeps, wields a gun built into his glove that puts people to sleep and seems to have some ability to control sand, possibly even control and break down his own body into sand. (Though this power will majorly be kept from his teammates as he feels it makes him more of a freak.)



In the DCTVU, we’ve seen the League of Assassins and HIVE. We’ve also seen covert government organizations like Argus and their Suicide Squad. One group that we have not seen that can fit in with both these groups would be none other than…




The name Checkmate is, of course, taken from the winning move in chess, and its hierarchy is modeled after the various pieces of a chess game; one King, one Queen and several Bishops, Rooks, Knights and Pawns. The Bishops oversaw the Rooks behind the scenes while the Rooks planned missions and supervised the field agents, or Knights, and the Knight’s support, Pawns. Later on there would be a series of checks and balances when Checkmate was reborn after DC’s Infinite Crisis event. Instead of one king, one queen, etc. There would be a White King and Black King, White Queen and White Queen, etc. To add to this, one King would be regular human, the other a Metahuman. The regular human would then have a metahuman as their queen, and reverse for the other side. This way all things were equal in the organization. For our sake though, we’re going with the villainous Checkmate so we’ll be sticking with one king, one queen, etc.




Much like their evil comic counterparts, this version of Checkmate will be headed up by Maxwell Lord. Lord possesses psychic abilities allowing him to make people do what he wants or even erase memories if he wishes.  Lord’s ultimate goal is to use Checkmate and it’s resources to neutralize what he feels is the threat that metahumans pose to society, which makes him judge, jury, and executioner if need be. Now Maxwell Lord also exists in the alternate reality of the Supergirl TV show, so it’d be an excellent excuse to push the alternate reality/parallel universe/multiverse that the Flash show has set up. Meaning? Alternate Maxwell Lord.






Sasha Bordeaux is a security expert, assassin, and former bodyguard for numerous high level goverment members. Serving as Queen, Sasha is the more level headed of the two heads of Checkmate and prefers a gentler hand when dealing with metas which often places her at odds with Maxwell Lord. Despite that difference, Sasha firmly believes that metahumans serve a threat to society if not kept in check. (Get it?!) While Maxwell heads up operations, Sasha is in charge of intelligence gathering for Checkmate.








With a background in numerous government organization as well as Checkmate, King Faraday is one of the more shady members of Checkmate. He is Max Lord’s second in command and is in charge of planning all Checkmate operations and dealing them out to the Knights to be performed.






A lesser known character in the DC universe, Jessica served as Bishop in Checkmate for a long time after being recruited by Sasha Bordeaux. Like Sasha, she has a gentler approach to dealing with metahumans but still sees them as a problem that must be observed and cataloged. She is a regular human and posses no meta powers what-so-ever.







Liberated from his Argus prison on Lian Yu, Wade Wilson is recruited for his expertise dealing with Green Arrow and his team, and his willingness to hunt down other Metahumans and testing his own improved skills. Deathstroke serves as a Knight in Checkmate and carries out his operations with ruthless aggression, often killing his catches without provocation. While Deathstroke still holds out a personal hatred against the Arrow, he is barely kept in line by Checkmate who threaten to return him to his cell on Lian Yu.




Serving under Sasha and Jessica, Mademoiselle Marie is a former member of the French special forces and is a no nonsense, follow orders to the T kind of soldier. She and Deathstroke are considered one of the best duos when working together, though Deathstrokes willingness to kill and disobey orders often finds the two at odds when the mission comes to an end.





While pawns will basically be made up of no-named, no-faced cannon fodder, Rooks will allow the DCTVU a chance to showcase some of their lesser known, lesser used characters who may never get a chance to be shown in live action again. With their being numerous Rooks, it only makes  sense that DC/CW take advantage and use as many characters as possible to fill the roles. So who am I to put that many names here? You get the idea.



So we would see Checkmate attempting to take down the metahuman “problem” that faces our world, while a brand new team of Legends is led by the Phantom Stranger to protect their kind from an out of control government agency.

What do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Have you put together a team of your own? Or would you rather just see the same team return for season 2?


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