It’s a Shame About Ray
While I was on the Being Human set (Yeah, I’m starting with that.) Meaghan Rath commented that this was their best episodes one yet…I’m inclined to agree. The set up for the season ALREADY blows my mind.  It feels like the same show…but also  feels vibrant and new at the same time. I’m loving the direction so far!  AND, it seems like the struggles of Being Human might see brand new levels of complexity and excitement, which is incredibly exciting!

Why do I have to be dragged into this?

Why do I have to be dragged into this?

Fifteen months have passed since we left our favorite monsters and so much has changed, while other things remain at stand still. Josh and Nora now live together and search (mostly in vain) to help Sally return from Limbo.  We learn that Josh killed Ray brutally,  breaking his own werewolf curse, meanwhile  Nora still howls at the moon each week.  Sally is where we left her, but she feverishly attempts – with the help of Stevie and Nick, to find a way back home. Aidan well,  not much has changed for him.

It'll work this time. Time #4593

It’ll work this time. Time #4593

One of the best things about this episode came in the interesting way information unfolded for us.  The writers seemed to forego straightforward narrative, but instead chose little reveals and surprises. Before we knew Josh and Nora’s fate, we find Nora in a psychic shop, attempting to contact a “loved one,” whom we assume is Sally, but then she says “Josh?”  My heart stopped for a moment, then began to beat as I realized she beckoned him to join her at the table.

Mind joining me, please?

Mind joining me, please?

Before we knew the outcome of the fight with Ray, Josh holds a conversation with a vampire while working at the hospital. Business as usual. Then, Nora walks, in and the vampire reacts to HER being a wolf, not Josh.  Clever, and again heart stopping.

*Nora and Josh commit to getting a witch’s help, and she agrees, but we, as the audience, assume  Donna (the kitchen witch named after Anna Fricke’s mother) will help get Sally back from Limbo. That is not the case, Donna intends to bring Sally back to life. But she never explains this, she just drops the bomb on Josh and Nora, and we’re swept up in the blast.

One of  the criticisms from the last season of Being Human,  that the roommates didn’t spend enough time together. While this episode  mostly set up the events that will plague our characters this season, its seems as though  we’re going to get more roommate bonding time this season. The storytelling with Josh and Nora trying to find Sally had amazing ups and downs in drama with all three characters in basically the same story line, and while the characters didn’t even PHYSICALLY interact until the end, it still felt closer to the types of things I’d personally like to see this season.

Aidan is the exception to this, his story was runaway crazy train, and Aidan is pulled along the rails  from the moment he’s dug up out his grave. In yet another brilliant move, the writers of Being Human found a way to loop in Sally and Josh into Aidan’s story.  The scenes with “head Josh,” “head Sally” and “head Bishop” were some of the most compelling in the premiere.

"I know, I was trying to nap through it..."

“I know, I was trying to nap through it…”

The element of balancing humor and drama played PERFECTLY in this episode. In moments of the most heart wrenching dialog, and tense, dangerous situations, the show was able to pull off the most hilarious moments without losing the structural integrity of the scene.

The tagline for the show this season is “be careful what you wish for.”  In the past two seasons, fans of the show are ALL too familiar with the wishes of our main characters, and seeds of that ominous tag line already plauge my head with worst case scenarios. Aidan wanted to beat his drug-line blood addiction, and now a virus has infected blood and made it deadly to vampires.  Josh has hated his wolfie state, and now that he’s shed his fangs and claws, his life hasn’t seemed to improve.  Sally longs for human intimacy – she now has a body but with the mysterious directions that she shouldn’t seek out people from her past.  The dangers everyone faces in just this first episode make me giddy with excitement, and the rest of this season seems as though it’ll be fun and bumpy road ahead.  Fans of the show are rewarded for knowing our characters, as well as knowing the what they may have to go through. Yet, newcomers to the show can watch and understand the world that Being Human has set up for us.

One last thing I need to mention. Donna. I cannot express accurately how excited I am to see character. She’s interesting, snarky, and  we know she probably has a nefarious purpose. I actually had the opportunity to meet Amy Aquino and told her that I loved seeing her character but was also a bit frightened by her, and her response was “gooooooood.”

Stuffing turkeys, talking to turkeys.

Stuffing turkeys, talking to turkeys.

Is it Monday yet?

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