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The Flash pilot review (Spoilers Ahoy!)

Pete takes a Spoiled filled look at the leaked pilot for CW’s The Flash, including easter eggs, nods to the fans, and potential future story lines! Don’t want it ruined for you? DON’T READ THIS! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!!

Wrestlemania In Review

MIke from United We Drink returns with a great review of Sunday nights’ WRESTLEMANIA 30. What did this long time wrestling fan think of the 30th anniversary of the biggest event in Sports Entertainment?

Interview with FANGASM’s Molly McIsaac

Pete talks to Molly McIsaac, one of the cast members of Syfy’s Fangasm, a show following 7 geeks as they intern for Stan Lee’s Comikazee. He also tells you why after the train wreck show Heroes of Cosplay, you really need to give Fangasm a chance!


What an end to this fantastic season of Being Human!¬† While I thought the episode had some weird pacing issues, I still had many moments of stunned silence and shock while watching. ¬†They finished up story lines in satisfying manners,…


Being Human seems to be wrapping up for the season, and this week we touched bases with each of our four monsters for emotional scenes and last minute,” here comes the storm” preparations. Which leaves us with lots of questions…


This weeks episode of Being Human was a heavy one, bringing down a ton of emotional bricks. The writing team brought raw passion to the screen, made possible by strong, dramatic performances. Honestly, so many amazing things happened this week that I wrote a top then list for 3.10.

BIGdamnREWIND: VR Troopers

Break out your pogs and throw down your slammers! It’s time for another BIGdamnREWIND, where we take a nostalgic look back at some of our favorite TV shows and films from the past! This week we’re taking a look at…