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BDP 07: Villains Series – Darth Vader

The BDP is back as the gang kicks off the Villains series with a bang as they discuss the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader! The rise & fall of Anakin is discussed, Palpatine’s influence, was he really too old to start his training, and much more!

BDP: 06 – The XMas Episode

Pete is once again joined by Jack and Scully as well as newcomer Jean Claude. The gets a little tipsy and shares their versions of some classic Christmas stories, when they stopped believing in the guy in the big red suit, and Jean Claude talks about living in Santa’s old apartment.

BDP: 05 – Geek VS Nerd

Pete and Jack discuss the differences, if there are any, between being a geek or being a nerd!

BDP: 04 – Talkin Toons

Caution: This Podcast contains falling anvils! Pete is joined by fellow BigDamnGeek Scully to discuss their love of animation, share bad Christopher Walken impressions and talk obscure cartoons. Also, the debut of our new theme song by David at Skyscraper Studios!

BDP: 03 – Jack & Vic from Brilliant Minds At Work

The BigDamnPodcast returns as Pete talks to local Orlando artists Jack & Vic about their art, graffiti, performance art, and the god damned Wasco Clown.

BDP: 02 – The Wrestlemania Episode

Pete is joined by Mike of & Big Willy from to discuss the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania and more pro wrestling geekery!

BDP: 01 – A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

In which Pete & Mike talk about wrestling, TV shows and movies that need a reboot. Oh & Pete does his somewhat unimpressive impression of Jason Statham. That’s worth listening to on it’s own.