CM Punk Goes Bye Bye?

If you’re a wrestling fan then you probably remember a few years ago when CM Punk managed to in a strange work/shoot angle get himself a better deal with the WWE and become the WWE Champion as he “left” the company with the belt. Well last week word broke that Punk went to Vince and told him he quit and would not appear on RAW or Smackdown for the week after seemingly setting up a brief feud with Kane after the Rumble. Fans are clamoring to rumor for what is either another well played work by the WWE and Punk  or a straight shoot that is reminiscent of Austin “taking his ball and going home.”

Punk leaves the COMPANY as Champ through his hometown fans.

Punk leaves the COMPANY as Champ through his hometown fans.

Those who believe this to be a genuine shoot are saying that Punk is through with sitting backseat to “Part Time Champions” like The Rock and Batista who come back, work light schedules and steal the spotlight. Others say he was unhappy with the plan to face Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Others say that this is another work to give Punk some time off to rest and recharge. The WWE has “unfollowed” Punk on twitter which is the modern day break up and he has been taken off all future appearances.  Punk is still under contract for another few months, but rumors continue to go about Punk possibly going MMA. Personally, I doubt TNA could offer him anything except maybe working with Joe again.

What do you think? Work? Shoot? Or is it still too early to tell?

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