DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play In October!

We reported awhile back that rumors were circulating that DC Universe Online would be going Free to play and it’s been CONFIRMED that as of October 2011, DCUO will be 100% free to play! What does this mean for the people who already play by subscription? Well aside from the free to play, there are also premium and legendary memberships depending on what you already have.


Will Include:

–  Free access to ALL DLC.

– 16 character slots, 63 inventory slots, 20 auction slots, & 48 Bank slots.

–  You will continue to receive ONE Vault ticket a day.

– You can form & join leagues.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (Spend $5 or more)

– 6 character slots, 42 inventory slots, 5 auction slots & 24 bank slots.

– 2000 max on In Game currency.

– One free Vault ticket every 3 Days.

– Can join leagues.

– Proximity voice chat & 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds.

Now, the FREE TO PLAY MEMBERSHIP will include!

– 2 character slots, 28 Inventory slots, 0 auction slots (Yep, that’s ZERO), & 12 bank slots.

-1500 max in game currency.

– 6 text chat messages per 30 seconds.

–  One free Vault ticket per week.

– Can join leagues.

Both Free to Play and Premium Memberships will still have to pay for DLC as it’s released.

But HEY! I CAN START PLAYING AGAIN CAUSE I’M BROKE!! I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way too, as you’ll be saving in your wallet and only spending if you’re a die hard fan of the game. DC looks to step up it’s game (no pun intended) as Marvel continues to work on its own MMO that will be free to play right off the bat!

For more info check out http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/free/

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