Entire Boy Meets World cast offered roles on sequel.


Executive Producer of Girl Meets World and original Co-Creator of Boy Meets World had something interesting to share recently.

“At the time, it was an idea that Gary Marsh, Adam Bonnett, Corey Marsh and the Disney Channel people called me up asking if I would be interested in doing this. It just got an official green light for a pilot. I didn’t want to talk to everybody about something that was only a discussion. Then the world reacted and I got a bajillionphone calls. Rider [Strong] and Will Friedle and all of the cast said, “What is this? We thought we were done!” We sat down with them and talked about what their roles on the show might be. Whoever wants to be part of this show will be and whoever wants to move on will. The most important thing is to see what the show is and then see what their part in it will be. Will Friedle said, “I will be at every taping.” Everybody is quite attached to it. The bottom line is: Will Rider or Will be a cast member? Will they put in appearances? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.”

So now it seems only logical that a large portion of the original cast will possibly be involved in the show. The two actors to keep your eyes on will be Rider Strong and Will Friedle. Strong has his own Indy film deal going and may not want to commit to a full time schedule though he has been very supportive of his former cast mates on the new show. Friedle has become quite a recognized name in voice acting Though and actually left live action to pursue voice acting further. He said he’ll be on set every shoot so maybe the cast and crew will be able to convince him to come back to harass Mr. Feeny some more!

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