Geek Gift Guide continues with the Apple TV!

In the age of streaming television, movies and music, Apple TV stands out as a means for people to accomplish that without having to own a large bulky gaming system. Set yourself up with an ITunes account and anything you buy will be stored to your computer and available to stream to your TV. Also Netflix, NBA TV, and radio stations from across the nation are available as well. Personally I use the Apple TV a lot to stream all the “Free On ITunes” stuff I download and a lot of the old Nickelodeon shows that are available like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All and more! The small little box can be hardwired to your router or can pick up wirelessly to use the internet. Its small size allowing for it to be tucked away and not as noticeable as a large playstation or XBox.

Now with the pros done, there are some cons. We’ve had issues with the Apple TV having very few updates to its software and when they DO update, they don’t always address the issues. On occasion I listen to podcasts through the Apple TV, but every 10 minutes or so the Apple TV loses it’s connection and Itunes has to be closed and reopened on my laptop to get it functioning properly again. Every so often Netflix will have errors, though this is less common. Then when I watch TV shows on it, after every episode I again have to close and reopen Itunes on my laptop. Simply closing and reopening the program isn’t a big deal, but when you’re lazy and grew up in a world of instant gratification like I did, this can be annoying.

Overall, the cheap price of $100 Apple TV compared to a more expensive Playstation 3 or XBox 360 is a plus for the few problems it has on occasion, especially if you don’t play video games!!


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