Geek Gift Guide: New Power Rangers & Ben10 Toys for your favorite little one!

I recently got my hands on two new toys from Bandai, one being Nanomech from Ben10 the other being the Blue Water Mega Ranger from (you guessed it!) Power Rangers: Samurai! Now growing up my house was littered with action figures from all sorts of different shows and movies but none was more coveted than the Power Rangers! The toy was similar to how I remember them being as a kid but improved so much that I wish it would be OK for me to collect more of them. The Ranger I got comes with a sword and a bow (as in bow and arrow) weapons and the detail was pretty astounding. The Power Rangers toys I had as a kid were pretty bulky and cumbersome, while this one felt like he could probably pull off some crazy Ranger moves if he were to spring to life ala Toy Story.

Though I didn’t get to “toy around” with them, Bandai has also released two “Morphing” Ranger figures as well. The Switch Morphin Power Rangers will remind older fans of the toys we had when we were kids. My pressing on their morpher, the chest opens up and the toy “morphs” from their civilian face to their mask. There are also Sword Morphin Ranger figures that swing their giant swords with the flick of a button. Of course, what would Power Ranger toys be without the Zords either? The Samurai Megazord is available along with the Clawzord which you can combine to creat the Samuri Claw Armor Megazord! (Of course, they ARE sold seperately!)

Now to be honest I’m not so familiar with Ben10 cartoons other than knowing it has a large fanbase, various incarnations in cartoons and live action and that it’s been a staple on Cartoon Network for years now. The Nanomech figure is pretty straight forward with less articulation than the Power Ranger figure but still enough to make him strike some poses. Each one of the Ben10 Ultimate Alien figures comes with a plug in for the larger Ultimatrix wristband so your kid can transform themself into their favorite one of the 10 aliens. If you have young kids I would suggest the Ben10 figure over the Power Ranger as it has no real small pieces to speak of it you’re concerned with choking hazards, but both toys are recommended for ages 4+.


The Power Rangers figures go for around $6.99 and the Morphing toys for for $10.99. The Megazord and Clawzord go for $29.99 each.

The Ben10 Ultimate Alien figures seem to go for aorund $8.99 each with the Ultimatrix seems to go for around $19.99.


Got a boy or girl who always wanted to be a Power Ranger? You can help them reinact those epic battles this holiday season with the new Power Ranger toys! If you’ve got a boy who wants to be an Alien and fight evil, Ben10 is the way to go!

Check back soon for more Geek Gift Guide ideas for the coming Holiday Season!

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  1. November 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    I think Ben 10 action figures may turn out to be one of those nostalgia figures that go for big bucks when the kids grow up.

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