BigDamnEats: Qui-Gon Gin! The Force Is Strong With This One.

Its been awhile since Ive done a Geek Recipe for BigDamnEats and today is a drink that is STRONG in the force. After watching Episode I: The Phantom Menace on BluRay I decided to create a drink in honor of the fallen Jedi with the name Qui Gon GIN (Instead of Jinn, get it?)

A simple mixture of Gin, in this case Greenall’s London Dry Gin and Sun Drop, a soda that has enough Caffeine to kill a moose.

I mixed mine in a rocks glass over ice to great success. The yellowish green color of the soda just adds to the Quin Gon-ness, as the Master Jedi wielded a green lightsaber. The drink itself is sweet, so if you are someone with doesnt care for overly sweet drinks, its not for you!

Enjoy it while watching The Phantom Menace on BluRay, review of the Saga on BluRay to come shortly!

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