Girl Meets World review


Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) is a preteen girl looking to find out about the world on her own, she just happens to have two parents who did the same thing when they were her age. Girl Meets World has now had a couple of episodes air and I have to admit, I enjoy it. I wasn’t sure about it being done by Disney originally but once Boy Meets World creators Michael Jacobs and April Kelly returned along with Ben Savage and Danielle Fischel I decided it was well worth giving a chance. Girl Meets World finds the balance of being it’s own show and a “sequel” early on. It follows the same format as BMW did that brought it such a huge fan base. A loving Dad and Mom, a preteen trying to find their way in the world, the younger sibling who’s almost too cute and the best friend to help get our main character into trouble. Girl Meets World is definitely a “Disney show” and if you’ve seen one before, you know there’s a definite style of acting to them from the kids. The breath of fresh air for older fans who grew up on BMW will be the inclusion of Cory and Topanga who are older but still the same characters we remember. Cory can still be awkward and goofy, Topanga a bit of a control freak, but they are definitely real adults and parents this time around.

It’ll be interesting to watch the show go on as it would be a little risque for it to follow in the footsteps of BMW in it’s later seasons but maybe Girl Meets World is the break out hit Disney needs for it’s channels to bring in a wider fan base and not just the kids. We’ve already heard there will be more guest stars from the original series along the way as well. Cory’s parents will be in the Christmas episode along with an appearance from Rider Strong as Shawn. Also returning is Lee Norris as Stuart Minkus, father of Riley’s classmate Farkle Minkus. Heck, even former bully Harley Keiner returnsĀ as what looks like the school janitor!

Girl Meets World is accomplishing what it set out to do, bring the family together to watch some good TV. It’s a show that can be enjoyed whether you’re a young kid, a teenager, or an adult who grew up with the previous cast of Boy Meets World. If the show continues, it’ll will likely have a very successful run!

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