Green Lantern: Emerald Knights


Before setting out this week for my viewing of the new Green Lantern film, I thought it was only proper that I check out Emerald Knights. I’m a huge fan of a the characters from the Green Lantern mythos and I enjoyed  Green Lantern: First Flight the previous DCU Animated Feature. Though Emerald Knights isn’t a directy sequal to First Flight it shares many of the same character designs so it may through fans off, as it did me when I first started to watch. Like Batman: Gotham Knights before it, Emerald Knights is an anthology of short stories that interlock the tales of various Green Lantern characters like Kilowog and Abin Sur. However, unlike Gotham Knights the artwork/style remains consistent throughout the entire movie and gives you a sense of it all being tied together, where as Gotham Knights storylines could seem detached at times. The voice acting overall was on par with any of the other DC Animated Features you may see with Nathan Fillion (TV’s Castle) leading out the cast as Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Other names include Henry Rollins (Do I have to tell you who he is?) doing an OK job as the Corps Drill Seargent Kilowog, Elizabeth Moss (TV’s Mad Men)  as the rookie Arisia, Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter) as  the pre-renegade Sinestro and Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy) as Abin Sur. Out of the entire cast, I was only disappointed with the casting of Jason Isaacs as Sinestro as I didn’t find his voice to fit the character at all. Isaacs is great at playing a menacing and evil character

The animation as always with DC projects is great but it just seemed to miss that little something special that most of the other films have. Like I said

Hal Jordan, Arisia & Sinestro make up part of the main cast in Emerald Knights.

before, it borrows all the same character designs from First Flight so it just seems like they didn’t put forth the same amount of effort as on other projects. It almost seems like they rushed this out to coincide with the Green Lantern feature film release. The main story in Emerald Knights is about former Guardian of the Universe Krona returning from his exile in the Anti-Matter Universe to exact revenge on the Green Lantern Corps and their leaders, the Guardians. Using his anti-matter shadow demons to kill the Lanterns, the Corps takes a final stand against Krona at the center of the universe. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan relates stories from the Corps to his new rookie partner Arisia as she learns about Corps members like the legend of the first four people to become Green Lanterns. I was presently surprised with how more recent storylines were adapted to fit like Atrocitus and Abin Surs interactions. Arnold Vosloo seems to quickly becoming one of the new favorite voices of the DCU with this marking what I can recall being his third appearance in a row in a DC animated feature. (The previous were Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam & All Star Superman)

A flashback scene touches on Abin Sur's past with Atrocitus & Sinestro.

The story that stood out without a doubt was about one of the most loved, mysterious and most powerful members of the Corps named Mogo. The story tells how a mighty warrior named Bolphunga has destroyed every warrior in the galaxy and as he faces his last challenge Bolphunga discovers of the most powerful member of the Green Lantern Corps, Mogo. So he goes to this planet in search of Mogo and spends months in search of his nemesis, declarign him a coward for not showing himself. Boy was he in for a surprise as he one day finally “flushes Mogo out.” For those unfamiliar with Mogo or for those who logo the character like I do, this is a great story and it’s awesome to finally see Mogo in an animated form. Oh and wrestling fans, Bolphunga the relentless is voiced EXPERTLY by none other than WWE Hall of Famer, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

If you like DC animated projects and Green Lantern I’d suggest Emerald Knights to you. Even younger fans will enjoy the story telling and action, though they may be thrown off if they’ve already seen First Flight and they now want to know why Sinestro is a good guy again and back in the Corps. So charge up your power rings you Poozers, say the oath and look to skies! (Or you’re TV) Emerald Knights is a fun romp through the Green Lantern universe that will prepare you for the film or bring you into the comic book world.

PETER is ready to get his ring-slinging on in this summers Green Lantern. Keep an eye out for a review of it this weekend. He recited the Green Lantern oath at work the other day and it was met with dropped jaws and stares. He didn’t care. His wedding ring is Black tungsten carbide and it makes him feel like a Black Lantern sometimes.

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