Holy Rumors Batman! DC Universe Online to go Free to Play?

Earlier this year I was replacing my stolen 360 and TV and picked up a PS3 and DC Universe Online for myself. The game had 30 days free to play and a $14.99 subscription fee after that. (If you pay for multiple months at a time, it’s obviously cheaper per month.) I had played MMO’s before but never found myself really captivated by the worlds. Being a huge DC buff, I was immediately drawn into the world that DCUO provided me. Check out my original review of the game here. After my initial 30 days I took a short break from the game, only for the PSN to come crashing down in a fire ball of controversy. So I’d had quite awhile to sit back and really think about what I was paying.

Needless to say, DCUO has been sitting on the shelf since. With the PSN hacked and personal info (possibly even card numbers) out there, why should I risk putting my card info there? I was content to let it pass. Recently DCUO developers announced that they were adding a new Marketplace to the game, a way to get new items by paying with real money. MMOs have used this before when changing from Pay to Play to Free to Play formats so rumors have been circulating that DCUO may go F2P in the not too distant future. Marvel has it’s own MMO in the works that they have already announced as being Free to Play and with many other superhero MMOs being free to play it seems like its only a matter of time before DCUO does the same. However, when the main competition (Marvel in this case) is still a ways off, it seems unlikely still that they would make it free now.

In other news for DCUO, look for the new DLC featuring an expansion of the Green Lantern characters and worlds with Coast City, OA, and new Light Powers! By the way, it’ll be $9.99 to download that. So if you plan on getting the game soon. Look to pay anywhere from $40-50 to get the game, $10 for the new DLC and $15 after your initial first month is up. Someone light the Bat-Signal! I think DC just raped me for all my money!!


PETER┬áis a bit angry with how the DCUO was worked out for him. But they can’t be blamed for the PSN crash. But they can be blamed for a pretty crazy fee and then charging for more DLC. Cut us a break!! THE RECESSION ISN’T OVER!!

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