This week’s Being Human Episode “My Body is a Condemned Wonderland” might just be my favorite episode of the entire season so far. It represented a practically perfect example of a TV show: the dialog clever and witty and the pacing played out perfectly. It had moments of deep despair, as well as heart fluttering, joyful moments.  As this season has done so perfectly, humorous moments occurred in the midst of not so humorous moments, aka, “I’m eating cats. I have a PhD, and I’m eating cats.” And, of course, the way the show ended…the world handed to us? We hit a left turn at full speed, and I’m not sure where we’re going next.

Everything will be fine by the end of this episode. Right?

Everything will be fine by the end of this episode. Right?


One idea that ran through this episode sang out “how great are our significant others”. We saw representation of relationships in all different stages and how important they appeared to be to the show. Being Human, a show about monsters wanting to be human, needs interactions between our  main characters and others – isn’t that a huge way to define integration into the world?  In the past, relationships on Being Human have always hit choppy waters (which makes sense, because functional relationships are BORING), and I assume we’ll still have them, but for the first time in the show’s history, I’m quite happy with the relationships and where they’re going for our monsters.

Their relationship isn't so good right now...

Their relationship isn’t so good right now…

    KAT <3 AIDAN
Aidan and Kat’s relationship has barely started, but she’s already making waves in his life. Kat has already proven to us that she’s spunky, charming, and intelligent,  but this week Kat gave us more reasons to jump on board the Kat/Aidan shipping…ship.  She refused to let him call things off with her, and she pulled out the girlfriend tricks to try help get him away from Liam and his men. Except for Celine, I’ve not rooted for a single one of Aidan’s girlfriends, but I’m definitely on Team Kat.  She throws him off his game, surprises him…oh and she has a relative from the Revolutionary War era.  I’m thinking she’s the defendant of Aidan’s first kill.

This isn't what it looks like...

This isn’t what it looks like…

Although their relationship withstands the tests of time (and seasons) the longest, it just reached a new milestone. They’re engaged!  I find it amazing that proposing to Nora is the last thing Josh did as a human.  So our wolf couple is back to being a wolf couple.



This couple remains in the middle of their journey, they’ve been dating and doing it for a while, but they’re ready to take the next step: Sally spilling the beans about her supernatural state of being.  I first felt that she’d picked the wrong guy, because he didn’t handle the truth very well. But once over the shock, he seemed willing to stick around for Sally, and even help her by using his mortician skills to speckle up her deteriorating forehead. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

We'll fix you right up, good as new!

We’ll fix you right up, good as new!


We’re playing with an entirely new deck of cards after this episode: Josh became a werewolf again, Aidan got infected with the deadly virus, and Sally is on her way to becoming a full blown, brain eating zombie of some sort. The ride to these conclusions was an amazing one, filled with fights and torture and cat consumption. Josh and Aidan resolved to sacrifice their own safety (Josh rescuing Aidan, and Aidan taking the blame for killing Byrnn to protect Nora), and both ended up in a worse place. We are basically left with a bunch of questions: How will they cure Aidan?  Will Josh have to face off werewolf a werewolf with Liam, and will he kill him and be human again? How long will it take for Sally to start eating humans? Will Nora’s allegiance to Liam switch now that Josh is a wolf again?

We're all screwed.

We’re all screwed.

The ending to the episode was particularly amazing.  Our characters dwell in deep despair and hopelessness, all of them hurting both physically and emotionally.  None of them find  reprieve by being with each other or by sleep.  We’re swimming in the same pool of heartache with them…and then Sally begins to shove raw meat into her mouth.  And the mood is ruined.

"Not Possible."

“Not Possible.”

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