Being Human Season three WINS! That is all! I can’t believe how much I’m loving this season! I still miss the monologues, but otherwise I love not only what all the characters are going through, what continues to be set up each week and how each character’s story intersect at different times in different ways. I especially enjoyed the way the vampire/werewolf story criss-crossed this week. Sally’s story seemed a little weird, but still good. I’m very interested in seeing whats going to become of all the character relationships after this week!

This isn't awkward.

This isn’t awkward.


This week on Being Human, our characters get tested on where their loyalties lie, and how far they will take those loyalties. It became quite remarkable to see characters tested so much, and see where they ended up.

Who’d have thought that the point of contention between Josh and Nora this season would come down to Aidan and not to the Wolf?! It’s still a monster that splits them in their viewpoints, but it’s the OTHER monster!  As we saw on the previews from last week (c’mon syfy!), Aidan defends himself against Erin and lands her in the hospital and she’s not doing so great. For me, this was very difficult to watch. Nora says that violence follows Aidan wherever he goes and she’s not wrong, That’s actually something that bothers Aidan about his existence, too!  At the same time, Erin attacked Aidan–it just so happens that his attack came as manipulation by Liam, but he was attacked nonetheless.  I felt  bad for Aidan. He doesn’t want to cause trouble for Nora, and I’m sure he didn’t want to land Erin in the hospital. He’s the bad guy, but he doesn’t deserve to be.
Brain swelling? oh geez....

at the hospital

Josh is being pulled in several directions. The woman he loves and his vampire friend, who he said in this episode has become like a brother to him.  Josh knows Aidan, and facts surrounding what happened to Erin.  There’s no reason why Josh shouldn’t have Aidan’s back.  At the same time, Nora says she knows Aidan wants to be a better vampire, but you can’t argue the results. Yes, Erin may have attacked Aidan, but Erin remains the one in critical conditional at the hospital.  Being Human has created an amazing situation that not only pulls Josh in opposite directions, but also  the viewers.  Nora has a valid perspective. She feels responsible for Erin, and they have similar backgrounds. Yet, Aidan is one of our original monsters.  The real problem?  The blame should be shifted to Liam, but no one looks that direction.
I think she's upset...

I think she’s upset…

Josh’s loyalty gets tested in the most literal sense. Nora says “I don’t know who you’d choose between, me or him” and he does end up saying he’d always choose her.  Josh locked himself into this choice. Aidan can take care of himself, but what does this mean for the overall relationships? If Nora wants to kick Aidan out now, especially with what happens at the end of the episode…will Josh order Aidan out? This series started with them needing to lean on each other, will Josh throw that away? Josh has been showing a lot of maturity and wisdom this season…how will he handle this one?
You're my person. <3

You’re my person. <3

I have to mention Sammy Huntington’s performance this episode. His scenes with his sister, Emily, as well as telling Nora “you are my person” were both tenderhearted and beautiful to watch. It’s hard to believe so much emotion can pour out of an actor who starts his scenes by asking his fellow actors “What do you think if you had a tiny penis on your thigh.”
Another amazing bench talk.

Another amazing bench talk.

Aidan, despite all the crap happening with Erin and Nora, actually has his own battles.He’s having to choose between what he actually believes and what he needs to do. The best stories with Aidan include him battling against vampire nature, and this week, we certainly have that again.  We meet Blake this week, a vampire who has discovered Aidan’s source of clean blood (and who doesn’t seem to understand that there’s only so much blood one person can give up). Kenny tells his sad story to Blake, and she agrees to turn him at 18. The speech that Aidan gives to Kenny about how vampires remain killers by nature resounded in the viewer and in Kenny. “I am a killer by nature”. Vampires have become so glamorized nowadays, it’s awesome for Aidan to bring facts back down to reality.
Kenny. One kid feeds all.

Kenny. One kid feeds all.

This is where Aidan’s loyalties come in. He actually has two things he has to decide on. One circles back to turning Kenny, the other concern vampires as a whole.  Aidan didn’t want to turn Kenny for many reasons, one being he  didn’t  want any vampire offspring. Yet this week we see, as predicted, Aidan’s nature of wanting to protect Kenny. Yes, he’s a source of food, but he’s more than that to Aidan, and he’s willing to choose against his own wishes in order to save Kenny from being made by someone like Blake.
That’s where Aidan’s other loyalty gets tested–against all vampires! Again, Blake doesn’t seem to understand that one little human cannot sustain all the vampires in the area, so when she says that Aidan’s choosing a human over all vampires, she IS being a TAD melodramatic. But, the point remains, Aidan would rather help a human than help his vampire brethren. The really interesting point of Blake’s story came in how she viewed vampires–that she thought vampires were doing many things wrong, and she wanted to help create a better vampire race. That’s barking RIGHT up Aidan’s tree. I thought he would go for that. but…uh…NOPE.  He says he had ruled Boston and it didn’t end up so great. Even so, you’d think he’d want to band together with the rest of his kind, but Aidan’s nature to rebel against Vampires is still in tact. It’s about Aidan continuing to strive to be human, which defines what his character has always been about. Not just since season one, but since he’s turning.
Been there. Done that.

Been there. Done that.

I have to mention Kat briefly. I’m skeptical of Aidan dating. It never seems to end well, and never helps him in creating a better life for himself.  But Kat? She’s different. First of all, he didn’t just jump right into bed with her. That’s a good start. And she’s making him excitable and happy. And giddy. That’s a good thing. Not that julia didn’t make him happy, but this one seems WAY more real. She’s a challenge for him.
Stamp of approval on this one.

Stamp of approval on this one.

I’ve already mentioned that Liam is the one that everyone’s crosshairs should be aimed at this week. He’s the bad guy. Yet, the issue of loyalty applies to him as well.  Liam seems to have no line when it comes to his true loyalties, his true purpose. If Nora felt mad at Aidan for kicking a 16 year old across the room, I can’t imagine what she’ll think when she learns he’s willing to manipulate the same 16 year old to do his dirty work and then KILLS her just to create distention in the ranks! He actually tells Erin before she dies that she’s serving the wolf pack.  Liam’s like our monsters in the way that what he believes for his kind is absolute. He did want Josh to take care of his family, I really believed he meant what he said. It just didn’t mean he’d back down.
Not a friendly visit.

Not a friendly visit.

Sally’s story this week remained a bit of a mystery. It felt far removed from everything this week, andout of left field.  That’s not to say that it was bad, just a bit on the strange.  Sally visits Bridget from season 1 to say hi, and we discover that Bridget got herself into ghost stuff since Sally. Bridget became the opposite of Sally. Sally can see ghosts, and they’re coming to her for help, and she has the perspective to do this, and doesn’t want to. Bridget WANTS to help ghosts, but is just opening herself up to bad things. While it was awesome to see Bridget again I’m not really sure how this moved Sally’s story along.  She doesn’t have her soul trap neckless anymore, which seems like that might bite her in the ass. She’s convinced Bridget NOT to help ghosts, So TECHNICALLY Sally DID help someone.
Old friends!

Old friends!

But the important thing for Sally’s story came at the VERY end of the episode, when we see her losing her hair. She’s not just losing it, she’s decaying. It seems as though Sally’s body isn’t really holding up. Is this what was going to happen anyway?
Bad hair...life.

Bad hair…life.

Did Donna change something? Is Donna DOING this? This was the most interesting thing with Sally, and it really had nothing to do with anything in the episode…unless it did and I’m not seeing the connection.

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