This week was the season finale of Being Human. Oh wait, no. There’s one more episode. But this week sure did FEEL like a season finale!  Many of the themes and conversations from the season came back around and completed their journey, character plots found closure, and they had a wedding for Pete’s sake! (aww Pete…)  They still left a few loose ends to get tied up next week, however.  Kenny and his new found state of not pretty, Liam the cyclops crashing the honeymoon, and Firestarter staring Sally Malik all need dealing with this coming Monday.

Did I do that?

Did I do that?

This past episode, however, Always a Bridesmaid, Never Alive, told a beautiful and amazing story in and of itself. In fact, while tweeting during the episode, I couldn’t help but notice I used the word “perfect” quite a bit. So this week I give you: Five Perfect Moments in Being Human 3.12.

1. Clothing Montage


I can deal with these clothes for another few seasons...

I can deal with these clothes for another few seasons…

Sally knows she’s going to die and become a ghost, so rather than find herself for all eternity in her PJs, Nora went on a shopping spree to find Sally the perfect death outfit. Its sound ridiculous to read – this actually  happened in this so-called perfect scene? Yes, yes it is. If ANYONE deserves a clothing montage, its definitely Sally.  Her wardrobe practically became a side character on the show!  Finding a new outfit for Ghost Sally owned great importancet, a new character journey awaits her and a new outfit will accompany it. Not to mention that it was a perfect character bonding moment for our two female leads. I couldn’t help but smile.  Also, the outfit was quite cute. I love her boots.

2. Death Bed Scene


Make an impassioned speech!

Make an impassioned speech!

Writing and performing the scene in which Sally dies had to have been severely problematic. You’d want to make a good moment of it, because, well… Sallys death. At the same time, we MET Sally as a ghost, and she’s simply returning to the way we first fell in love with her (to steal words from Aidan). The way they chose to show this scene was perfect.  It had a sad overtone to the scene, with touching words from each roommate, but they also added in light, humorous moments to keep the scene from going into depressing territory. Sally’s continuing smile and the single tear in her eye made us feel joyful for what we got with Sally this season, and made us feel a little better about her becoming a ghost once more.

3. Door Antics


Wolf seems angry...

Wolf seems angry…

Upon entering the evil shell door, Aidan and Josh are transported to a very different destination than they expected. While it’s unclear as to WHY that happened – if it was intentional or just a side effect to something corporeal going through the portal. But the fun part about surrounding their surprising teleport came in what they each found. Josh’s wolf confronted him, quite angry, and Aidan met with his son, Issac (looking a bit on the fugly side).


This is what nightmares are made of.

This is what nightmares are made of.

While it didn’t last long, each character was faced with an issue that has existed, if not all season, definitely in the past few episodes, and certainly something they’re not done dealing with yet. It brought surprise for the scene, and also served as a ominous reminder of what’s still coming.


4. The Demise of Donna


Seems like this could be a problem...

Seems like this could be a problem…

The final fight with Donna was fun and exciting, but what made it so much so was the element of surprise. We kept getting new information as the scene went on, and we were never quite sure what was going to happen next. They brought Sally’s heart with them as a weapon, and we felt excited when Aidan had that punctuation line before throwing it in the fire. We cackled with delight as Donna caught on fire, then gasped as she threw the fire at Sally, slashed her at ate her ghost flakes. Before we could recover, jaws dropped as light burst forth from Donna’s chest! They kept the ride ever changing for us, and ended it perfectly with Aidan shouting, “WE WON!”  As an added bonus, the events that occurred while fighting Donna seem to have created a new supernatural world for Sally that seems quite intriguing.

5. The Wedding


Pass me the Kleenex, please...

Pass me the Kleenex, please…

Best. TV. Wedding. Ever.  The ceremony was small and forced to proceed by Emily, the groom couldn’t see all in attendance, and Nora didn’t prepare vows and kissed her husband at the wrong time.  It was a hot mess, but beautiful nonetheless.  Nora looked gorgeous and so happy, and Josh’s vows to Nora came directly from the heart.  Normally, weddings do not get me.  But this one seemed to represent basic love for one another – stripped down to the basics of what a wedding is all about. It was wrong in so many ways that it became perfectly right.  Aidan had it right when he said this moment for them, as monster roommates striving to be human, proved that they were doing things right.  And it was perfect.

One episode left? Bring it.

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