Well…this episode had some shockers, didn’t it?  We saw different things than we’ve seen from this season so far.  Each character had their own separate story going on…well, Josh and Nora’s story remain connected. I hate to combine them into one character, since Nora became a full time cast member, but their story runs on the same path. At the same time, and while I missed roomie interaction (we did get the ‘Hey angel face!’ breakfast scene) its still felt like a very season 1 ep again. Not to totally trash on season two,  I liked a LARGE part of it. but it did feel different, and this season so far feels much more “right.” ANYWAY, this week each character is set up with complications, and each has to step up and deal with their problem in bold ways. On top of that, each issue has a different level of desperation, yet each is extremely compelling to watch.

Hey Angel Face!

Hey Angel Face!


Sally’s story  lived on a personal level this week, and it revolved around her new boy toy, Max, and Max’s dead mother’s ghost, Linda. Sally admits to feeling not-so-hot about bringing forth devastation to the lives around her, and wants to stay hidden away where she can do no one harm. However, she seems to be doing a little of that in Max’s life. I’m willing to bet that Linda’s nosy, prying self didn’t help Max growth as a human being much, but Sally’s big personality pushed itself onto him, apparently deflowering him in the waiting room of the funeral home. You’d assume a brand new ex-virgin would jump for joy, but he actually felt quite upset.  Personally, I was  put off by Sally decisions  in this moment.  They did something that couldn’t be undone, and I don’t mean his virginity. He felt very upset, and she didn’t seem to care.  Of course, knowing Being Human, we’re supposed to feel this way – the characters on this show make mistakes, and have to pay for them. In this case, Ghost Mom possesses Sally and quit Sally’s job for her, along with quitting Max.
Sally has killed someone this season. That’s bad. But she’s also still affecting the people around her, and in turn the supernatural still affects her life and those surrounding her.  No matter what she tries to do: act or not act, expand her personal life, get close to someone – she’s still dealing with consequences of a supernatural nature. There is no escape for her.

This seems romantic...but he pulls away.

This seems romantic…but he pulls away.


In response to Linda’s actions, Sally takes drastic steps.  Along with a soul-binding neckless compliments of Zoe (who makes a surprising and completely pleasant appearance this week), Sally goes to the funeral home to exorcise mom. Sally’s been on the other end of an exorcism, she knows how it feels. Thankfully, she doesn’t complete the ritual, and they seem to come to an understanding.

All SEEMS to be better in Sally’s world, but I’m still wondering about our pal Max. There’s more to him that meets the eye. I’m pretty sure the show is trying to throw us off his scent with his doe eyes and child-like innocence. I will not be fooled!

Everyone should have one of these!

Everyone should have one of these!


Aidan’s problem this week is exactly what it’s been since the start of the season – finding something to eat. The current problem circles not around the fact that he’s actually found a clean food source, but in the fact that his morals weight heavily on him, and he’s attempting to stave off eating Kenny. Oh, he’s also being haunted by the two girls he killed in season two.
I’m quite happy that Aidan still tries to do what’s good and what will drive him more toward his humanity. After Henry died, I worried he’d decide his own code didn’t make sense anymore, but it seems as though he’s doing his best. The face remains: he needs to eat. Not eating will cause him to binge, and binging will bring about far more destruction – to humans around him as well as to himself.

Don't get imaginary blood on the couch!

Don’t get imaginary blood on the couch!

Eventually, Aidan has to act. Whether we consider it acting to stop a greater chance of damage, a desperate action, or giving into dead girl peer pressure, Aidan decides to drink from Kenny.  Kenny’s and Aidan’s relationship this episode was REALLY fun to watch. Yes, Aidan needs his blood, but we know how Aidan acts around kids, especially those who need a little extra help (cough Bernie). We do find out that Kenny feels, as would make sense, pretty sad and lonely. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, and the ones he DOES make lose interest in him fairly quickly. And speaking of Bernie…here’s the fun parallel right? Bernie was made a vampire, and Aidan knew this shouldn’t be.  We know from the previews, and  speculation, that Kenny wants to be made a vampire, and he’d  have to ask because there’s no way Aidan would do it voluntarily.
Vampire test #495

Vampire test #495

It’s SUCH a fun battle of morals. Aidan broke down over Bernie.  Kenny is older than Bernie, and also willing..but at the same time it’s still not something that Aidan would take lightly. Would he be helping Kenny? As he is now, Kenny’s not living life, that choice HAS been taken away from him. Plus, making him a vampire NOW wouldn’t work for either of them.  Another factor is that Bernie was never actually “his” son, but Kenny would be. With all the recent shenanigans with Henry…would Aidan want to try the whole son thing again?


The Being Human writers are mean, nasty people who play mean, nasty tricks on us. Aidan’s blood thievery does not go unnoticed and Nurse None-Yo-Bidnez confronts Aidan. When Aidan’s attempts to compel her fail, he kills her, drinks her blood…and then he wakes up. I was audibly freaking out, and before I could process that the scene  was a dream, I watch as Aidan woke up with a fangboner all out and the open for Kenny to see.  Sam Witwer has always played Aidan’s “lost” or “out of control” moments amazingly…but this particular moment, with him hitting his head and the vocal life he chose for the scene . I  didn’t know my eyes could open that wide. Bravo.




Josh and Nora face many decisions about their family this week. It’s been leading up to this; we got little bits of this here and there, but we finally have the episode where Nora and Josh’s monster views really come out in the open.  Nora feels differently about the wolf than Josh, and this week we see what problems that cause.  Backing up a second, the source of stress actually comes from Liam.  Liam is doing what wolves are supposed to do – hunting and killing vampires, which becomes easier because of the virus. Until he finds Aidan. Of COURSE, Liam follows Aidan home and finds out that Nora and Josh live with a vampire. Liam wants THEM to kill Aidan OR he’ll kill Josh and Nora.  Josh automatically stands against that, but Nora isn’t so quick to jump on the wagon. It’s not so much that she WANTS Aidan dead…but she certainly wasn’t silent or compassionate about Aidan and his drinking of the human race. It makes sense, because she’s more or less embraced her wolf, and vampires are a natural enemy. Add to that the fact that her own father sucks, and Liam became an amazingly strong father figure to her, she’s probably embracing her wolf a little more than usual.
Guess what's in the sandwich!

Guess what’s in the sandwich!

I’m worried about Nora and Josh as a couple. I assumed that their story wouldn’t tread down the same road as last year, with their differences in opinion on the wolf, but that very much seems to be the road they’re going down. Time will have to tell on if that story path is a good one or not.
I still don’t understand complains of Josh being human this season. He’s facing the EXACT SAME ISSUES, except that he’s HUMAN!! That’s so interesting to me, for his character.  Now, do I want him to STAY human? I don’t know. but I know I’m loving Josh’s plight this season.
We can't kill him, right? RIGHT?

We can’t kill him, right? RIGHT?


Josh decides to point a gun at Mr. Mclean’s face! Oh boy, what an incredible scene. Josh feels scared out of his mind the whole time, but he was also SOOO incredible! He basically tells Liam to back off his family. I loved his explanation of being alone when he got scratched, and Aidan became the one who protected him. I hadn’t thought of it before, probably because the show didn’t bring in the pack element until later, but for a “monster” that’s so reliant on others of its kind, one that is drawn toward each other and has such fierce loyalty…Josh was alone with his monster. Would josh feel differently about his wolf if he’d HAD a pack?  Probably not. Josh has severe guilt, but the poetic justice isn’t lost. He didn’t have other wolves, but he did have a vampire. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, and we all know how that ended.
What  I loved almost more than Josh’s ballsy move was the way Liam responded to it. He was pissed, he doesn’t like to be threatened, but he also respected it, because it still came down to family. Josh and Nora had been searching for Erin this entire episode, and Liam brought her back to them with the instruction to Josh “take care of your family, better than I took care of mine.” I could argue that Mr. McLean didn’t take all that great of care of them anyway, being that they were both spoiled brats…but the whole “family” thing still means a lot, and Liam is intelligent enough to recognize Josh is protecting his, even if he’s not a wolf.

When Josh wants something...

When Josh wants something…

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