Morphin Monday: How one boy learned about the world by battling monsters.


The afternoons of my childhood were filled with usual viewings of Batman: The Animated Series, Bobby’s World, Animaniacs and other cartoons, but it wasn’t until a “Sneak Preview” of the brand new series coming to Fox Kids aired for a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” episode entitled “Food Fight” that I really found something I connected with. This preview saw the colorfully adorned Rangers take on a gluttonous pig monster named Pudgy Pig. Quick refresher for you guys who haven’t seen it in awhile, but the Pudgy Pig was basically a walking Pig head with legs and hands sticking out and a Helmet on his head that would eat EVERYTHING in his path! Yep, that essentially gives you an idea of the kind of show you were in for.

I remember my attention being immediately fixed on my TV as the 5 colorful superheroes battled these monsters with sparks flying from their suits with every hit and yelling “HIYA!” and “YAAAA!” with every swing of their hands. During most episodes my Mom would ask “what is this?” multiple times and I honestly couldn’t explain. Power Rangers had all the things that made a small kid want to watch; teenagers battling evil with tremendous super powers, saving the world with lots of action, comedy and yes, even some romance later on.


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers would become a ritual for me to view, even after it became “uncool” among other kids my age. I rarely missed an episode and on those rare occasions when I did, my trusty VCR was ready to record it while I was away. Even after a few seasons I could hear my Mom from the kitchen yell “YAAA!” after the Rangers.  Power Rangers would become a show that would have a tremendous influence on me as a kid. Not only did I learn about accepting people who are different than me, but it would be my first real exposure to a TV show that had a more serial nature to it’s episodes. Story arcs like “Green with Evil” would stand out in my mind for years as great stories that carried over multiple episodes.

Power Rangers had a huge impact on me as a kid and continues to today.

Each week Nicole and I will be sharing more of our history with the series, our favorite Rangers, monsters, episodes, series and more! Don’t forget to check out our FIRST Moprhinominal Monday poll on Facebook and Twitter where we’re asking: What is YOUR favorite Power Ranger color??

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