LLAP: Leonard Nimoy


It’s with a heavy heart that I write the following word, that Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away today at the age of 83 due to chronic pulmonary disease. Leonard shared with the public last year he was suffering from the disease after years of smoking, though he had quit the habit for nearly 30 years. Leonard is, of course, best remembered for his role as Spock on Star Trek, which he reprised for a two two episode arc of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and appearances in both of the JJ Abbrams reboot films. Along with acting, Leonard was an avid photographer, poet,, musician, and director. His films include Star Trek: The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home, as well as Three Men and a Baby.

Many people grew up watching Star Trek, but I personally didn’t discover it until Middle School with reruns of TNG and the original crew films on the Syfy (Then Sci-Fi) channel. As suprising and stunning as the passing of Robin Williams was last year, Leonard was a legend of hollywood that I just couldnt imagine losing. Thank you Leonard, for your years of entertainment and for being a tremendous human being in the modern era of twitter. Live Long and Prosper, You are, and forever will be, my friend.




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