MAX Mondays with Netflix: Winnebago Man

WinnebagoMan1We’re back with another MAX Monday from Netflix and this week was particularly interesting. As usual, we will give you the break down of the choices MAX from Netflix on the PS3 gave me to get me to my ultimate program! So here we go!

MAX gave me the option of –


My Answer: Rogue Cops

MAX picked: Beverly Hills Cop 2.

My response: No Not Now.

MAX went to categories: Documentaries, TV docs, or violent.

My answer: Documentaries

Rating Game – Mind of a Chef = 4*


MAX Chose….



A 2009 documentary, Winnebago Man follows the story of a blooper video clip that went big before the internet of a Winnebago salesman, Jack Rebney, having random and profane outbursts during the outtakes. It follows the filmmaker, Ben Steinbauer, and his quest to find out what happened to Rebney almost 20 years after the fact. Did he know about the video? What did he think? After months of tracking him down, Steinbauer finally finds Jack Rebney living in the woods in the middle of the California wilderness and being more or less a recluse from society. Steinbauer decides to take it upon himself to convince Rebney to come to the Found Footage Festival and discover his own fan base he never knew he had.


The documentary is an interesting look at the affects of the internet on individuals who become unwilling “stars” of videos. Besides Rebney, it also takes a look at the “Star Wars Kid” and how he had to leave his hometown and undergo psychiatric help to after the video of his “lightsaber fights” went viral. Rebney is a reluctant star as he initially fights the image the videos portray him as. The documentary also focuses on Jack Rebney’s recent blindness that leads to his 24 hour disappearance as he went for a walk and was unable to find his way home, along with his desire to be a public figure and have his opinions known without the pitfalls of being a celebrity. Winnebago Man is a great look at what is a more modern phenomenon of Internet Stardom and it’s affects on normal people.

Interested in viral videos? Comedy? Human Nature? Winnebago Man is a great documentary for you to watch! Check it out on Netflix or use the MAX app on PS3 or PS4 for your own MAX Monday adventure!


Winnebago Man = 4 out of 5 Stars!

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