Morphin Mondays: Finding my way to the Lost Galaxy


I stopped watching Power Rangers as it aired on TV when Power Rangers In Space finished it’s run. I’d seen all the evil characters I knew destroyed, the good guys had vanquished evil and it was all said and done. I often went back and watched the movies on DVD and I prayed for non-bootleg DVDs of the series I loved. So when Netflix put up pretty much every episode of every Power Rangers series ever I went through a gigantic rewatch from Mighty Morphin through In Space. When it came time to watch Lost Galaxy I didn’t know what to think at first. It was a brand new story, a very new concept of the Rangers being on a traveling space station, and I just couldn’t figure out if I liked it or not.

Several episodes in I was introduced to the character the Magna Defender, an armored warrior who had been traveling the galaxy to find Scorpius and seek revenge for the destruction of his world and his family, specifically his son. Yes, we “saw” Defender’s young son struck down on TV. This blew my mind! A “kid’s show” and we just saw a child die at the hands of evil doers. The Power Rangers I knew had changed and matured since I’d last watched and I liked what I saw. Next thing you know the Pink Ranger has died in the line of duty and is replaced with Karone, the former evil empress Astronema. An ex-villain returns to become a Ranger?! My mind was being blown away. The stereotypical rangers would grow and become real characters as the series went on and even after a somewhat odd ending with the Lost Galaxy being filled with evil space pirates, I still ending up loving the series.

If Lost Galaxy was this good, I’m sure there had to be other great Rangers teams out there than I hadn’t discovered yet. As I’d started my viewing I’d find more series that I loved…and some I wish I hadn’t really wasted my time on.

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