Morphin Mondays: Love & Rangers Part 1

While we all know Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is packed with action, adventure and aliens; it also comes with a side dish of good old fashioned romance. The following is a slice of a multi-part post dedicated to my favorite couple, Kim and Tommy.


It all starts with “Green with Evil” when Kim is transfixed by the tall, dark stranger that was Jason’s challenger at the Martial Arts Expo. She stared at him, so distracted she even muttered her dreamy thought aloud, much to the chagrin of the guys who sniggered. But Trini agreed that the man in green was ‘gorgeous’. That man was Tommy Oliver, a new transfer student to Angel Grove. Each time he was featured during this episode, the thrum of a harp clued us in that Kim was mesmerized.


In “The Spitflower,” Kimberly had built an awesome float for the Flower Power Parade. But then good old Rita Repulsa decided to ruin it and sent a bunch of Putties down to destroy it. Kim’s tears moved Tommy. At first he tried to just comfort her but then decided to do something about her heartbreak. As the other Rangers tried to cheer up Kim, Tommy picked up the pieces and put the float back together. It was the first time Tommy went to great lengths to make Kim smile. His reward? Their first hug. (Collective “awwwwww”).


During “Island of Illusion” Rita sends the Rangers to a magical island where their greatest fears become true. If they gave in, they would vanish forever. The only way to safety was to confront their fears, and the elf Quagmire told the Rangers that memories of their greatest challenges would give them the courage they needed. Kimberly recalled a time that Bulk and Skull were acting nice, leading her to believe that Rita was capable of anything. She then began to fade, but Quagmire reminded her that she had beaten the Terror Toad. Kimberly was too frightened to think about but Tommy begged her to try. It was his honest plea that lead her to her victory.


“Calamity Kimberly” follows Kimberly throughout a no good, very bad day. She first breaks her hand mirror and then everything that could possibly go wrong, did. The dress she wanted to wear was burned, her hair was a disaster, her umbrella broke in the storm, and her pep rally plans were ruined. She steps into the school and stands at her locker, staring into the mirror, trying desperately to fix her hair and makeup. At that moment, Tommy comes down the stairs. She’s mortified that he has seen her like this, but Tommy smiles at her and puts her at ease. Even when Bulk and Skull try to make fun her, Tommy stood up for her.


The moment we have all been waiting for! At the beginning of “The Green Candle,” Tommy confessed to Zack that he wanted to ask Kimberly to the upcoming dance, but didn’t know how. With a typical grin, Zack blurts out; “Kimberly is gonna say yes!” He fumbled through an attempt in the park, but of course Rita stopped him in his tracks. He didn’t get to try again until the battle was over, and the Green Coin was in Jason’s care. Tommy returned to the park, wanting to be alone but Kim tracked him down. I think we all remember the sweet moment that made the two an official couple.

Tune in next time for Part 2 of Love & Rangers!

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