Morphin Mondays! MMPR: The Fan Film

For die hard Power Rangers fans, this fan film trailer isn’t new. The video popped up several months ago and has steadily made it’s rounds on the internet. It was a few weeks back that I saw it however and I have to say, I’m a bit excited by the idea. The story is that Lord Zedd has been defeated, the Power Rangers have vanished and Tommy Oliver has gone into hiding, waiting for evil to find him again. Set 20 years after their final battle with Zedd, the Lord of Darkness has returned with a mind for revenge!



As fans of the series, one of the biggest complaints I see on twitter and Facebook is that the series never grew up with it’s original fans. It’s still a light hearted, children’s action show that we all remember, but could it be more? The filmmakers are looking to take an almost Christopher Nolan like approach to the series as they look to make a more Mature version of the Power Rangers. An ambitious project for sure, the producers have started a Kickstarter fund that you can back by clicking here and pledging money to back the group!


Concept artwork for the Ranger suits.

With a project like this in the works, let’s hear from the Ranger Nation! Are you guys ready for a Mature version of the Rangers?? Shout out in the comments below!

For more on the MMPR: Fan Film visit these sites: Kickstarter & Facebook

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