Morphin Mondays: The “Science” of Zordon

Tuesday night while I was crafting with a few girlfriends Peter sent me a text asking me for my “Ranger knowledge”. The conversation was as follows:

Peter: I need your Ranger knowledge.

Me: What’s up?

Peter: The reasoning behind Zordon being in the tube was explained a couple different ways. What’s the reason you remember best?

Me: Rita banished him into a time warp and the tube was his only form of communication.

Peter: I remember it being explained differently a few times.

Me: The time warp thing doesn’t really make sense if you watch the MMPR movie though because when Ooze trashes the Command Center, Zordon is actually INSIDE the tube.

Peter (instantaneously): The movie says he’s trapped in a time warp, so when Ivan destroys it he’s actually there inside the tube. But I remember the show explaining it that he’s in like… another dimension and he’s just communicating through it.

Me: Dude, I’m telling you. We share a brain…. Unless trashing the tube somehow sucked him out of the time warp and into the energy tube?

Peter: I always took it as he’s inside the tube… The tube is a time warp that keeps him alive.

Me: I can’t believe we’re discussing the logistics of Zordon’s energy tube.

Peter: Hey, it’s science!! The show was weird because later on when Zordon leaves, he like… goes home. Like Eltar is a planet of floating heads. But Eltar is in OUR dimension, so it made no sense to me.

Me: Remember there was an episode where Zordon was telling Kimberly and Billy about how HE used to fight the Putty Patrol and there were flashbacks? Therefore, proving he’s not just a floating head.

The Sentai footage they used for ‘pre-floating head” Zordon

Peter: Yes, which I always took as the time before he defeated Rita.  So I always figured either A. He was banished to another dimension by Rita at the same moment he trapped her in the dumpster or B. He went into the time warp voluntarily to keep himself alive to guide the Rangers against Evil.

Me: Zordon was banished to the time warp by Rita and then he had five “warriors” trap her in the dumpster. BUT how could trashing the tube bring him BACK from the other dimension/time warp?

Peter: How is he suddenly able to “go home”?

Me: I don’t knowwwwwwww. Doesn’t make any sense!

2 comments for “Morphin Mondays: The “Science” of Zordon

  1. Dr. Cheis
    September 11, 2013 at 2:38 am

    Just came across this in a Google search, figured I’d help you out.

    MMPR the movie is part of a different continuity as the series is. The origins of Zordon as explained in the series have no bearing on the events of the movie, and likewise the events of the movie are completely irrelevant to the series. That’s why they get Ninja Zords in the movie, and then at the start of Season 3 they have to go find Ninja Zords, as they do not already have them.

  2. February 23, 2017 at 4:15 am

    I always viewed the tube as an apparatus to keep Zordon’s body alive, frozen in time so to speak so that he couldn’t age further. Frozen in time, his mouth obviously could not move so I imagine the floating head would be a projection linked to his consciousness in some way.

    I have more questions than answers, but hopefully the upcoming movie on 3/24 sheds some light on things!

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