Morphin Mondays: When I Grow Up I Want To Be Goldar

When MMPR hit TV screens I was young enough to still get recess at school and recess was always dominated by us playing Power Rangers. Most of the guys rushed to pick Tommy or Jason (no one wanted to be Billy, he was a geek after all) and the girls all wanted to be Kimberly. Me? I realized that if we were all Power Rangers we’d just be fighting imaginary Putty Patrollers and that would get dull pretty fast. So I would quickly say “I wanna be Goldar!” This was pre-wings/Lord Zedd time so Goldar was a B.A. with a huge sword that could stand against all 5 Rangers and kick some butt, who wouldn’t wanna be him?

Goldar was, and still is, one of my favorite villains from the entire Power Rangers franchise because he really was a genuine threat to the team every time he showed up. Sure, towards the end of his run he got a little goofy with Rito, but when it came down to it he could still fight and hold his own. He could slam his sword into the ground to teleport, or move his hand over his sword to teleport, or well…he could teleport a lot of ways. He could fly, swung a huge sword, had a cool gravely voice, and didn’t take any crap off a buncha teenagers with attitudes. Yep, sure as could be, when I grew up I wanted to be Goldar.

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