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Video games were the thing for me when I was younger and my favorite types were the side scrolling, beat-em-up fighting games that we would normally play in Arcades. For those of you too young to know, an arcade wasn’t a place for old people to go blow their money on cheap slot machines, it was a place filled to the brim with video games, ski ball, and those basketball shooting games I hated so much. Yes, the arcade was a place to waste quarters playing games like the classic X-Men, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Simpsons. However, no game was more sought after than the elusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Video Game for the SNES. The main problem with getting it though was it was for the SNES and I had a Sega Genesis. So when we bought the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game for Genesis I was quite upset to not have that awesome side scrolling, beat-em-up fighter I’d played a few times before, but a Mortal Kombat styled one on one fighter.



Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Video Game (SNES)

Released in 1994, the game had 7 levels, each with it’s own unique Monster for you to track down and fight. Before each level you had the opportunity to play as either Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy or Zack and would start the level unmorphed and fighting the Putty Patrollers. Each character had his own unique fighting style that would lend itself well to each level. This was in the days when you HAD to go to GameStop or Electronic Boutique (EB) to get your games and read all the game cheat magazines to learn that kind of thing. So it was from one of our friends that I learned that Jason was the best character to fight Bones, Billy was the best for Gnarly Gnome, and Kimberly was great against the Genie. What did I care though? Zack did spinarooni’s and danced when he fought! Dance Zack, Dance!

The Black Ranger takes on Bones.

About midway through each level as the enemy became tougher, your character would automatically morph and soon you could use their special weapons like the Power Sword, Power Daggers, etc., etc. I can honestly say this, I never beat the game. Every time I reached the end I would lose in the final Megazord battle against Cyclopsis. Years later in college I downloaded an emulator and played a slightly different version that featured the hermit crab like villain Turbanshell. It might have been a port of the Japanese game, I can’t say for sure. This will always go down for me as THE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game, but we aren’t done yet.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Video Game (Sega Genesis)

Oh did I know this game well as my brother Mike would often dish out horrible beatings for me. Being the older brother of course, he was much better at actually utilizing the multiple button combos and special moves that each Ranger and Zord had so my usual amount of button smashing didn’t win me very many battles. This fighting game was similar in style to Mortal Kombat in that two players would face off and the winner would be the best out of 3 rounds. I considered myself lucky to ever get past the first two. You could play through “Scenario Mode” which would let you pick your Ranger and then face off against the Minotaur, The Evil Green Ranger, Madam Woe, Goldar and finally Cyclopsis. Once you beat the Green Ranger, you would break his spell and he would become selectable to play as in both Scenario mode and the two player Battle Mode.

The Red Ranger vs The Minotaur

In Scenario mode you would play the first level as the Ranger and if you were victorious the second stage would lead to Rita Repulsa making her monster grow for a battle against the Megazord, or if you were the Green Ranger than the Dragonzord. Tommy, the Green Ranger, was usually my pick as I only knew a few of the special moves; one being his use of the Dragon Dagger and using the Dragonzord’s tail whip and Missle moves. The game was fun, but like any fighting game with limited people to pick from, it wore thin pretty fast. The SNES version definitely held more interest for a young Power Ranger like myself than the repetitive fighter game, which is probably why to this day I really don’t care much for fighters.

These, of course, weren’t the ONLY Power Ranger video games, but we’ll cover more of them later, including the good and the bad. So tune in next Monday when Nicole returns for Morphinominal Mondays! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to take part in our weekly Morphin Monday Polls too! Check back tonight as well for the results of last weeks poll and to find out what the NEW Morphin Monday Poll is! Until then, may the power protect you!

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