Morphinominal Mondays start next week!


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise and we here at BigDamnGeeks intend to celebrate and honor the series that has stuck with us through the years!

We’ll be bringing you reviews on every single season of the show, the video games, the movies, talking about our favorite monsters, Rangers, episodes and more!

We know this show has had a tremendous impact on a lot of you so if you want to contribute, just let us know!

Pete will be attending New York City Comic-Con this year and will be meeting Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver, the Green & White Ranger, Red Zeo & Turbo Ranger, and the Black Dino Force Ranger) so if you have any questions feel free to let him know!

As always, MAY THE POWER PROTECT YOU as every week we bring you more Power Ranger awesomeness with Morphinominal Mondays!


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