My Wrestlemania Experience

This was my first Wrestlemania live and without a doubt, it was worth every dollar spent as it is the biggest show of the year. You may have been to Raw, Smackdown or even a taping of IMPACT, but nothing compares in scale to the electricity in the arena of Wrestlemania. You enter the arena and something is just different, the crowd is electric, on fire, and ready to go. You’ve probably gone to an indy wrestling show before and the fans there are “Smark Marks” who think they know everything in the industry better than the wrestlers themselves. You get so annoyed by the guy sitting next to you that you don’t enjoy the show at all. Wrestlemania is different.

Sitting on one side of me was my brothers girlfriend Melinda and on the other, a little boy no older that 7 or 8. No matter what way I looked, it was just fans enjoying themselves. No smart marks, or guys trying to talk BS for liking someone specific. There were no Cena or Rock fans at each other throats, just fans trying to enjoy themselves. It was what I always wanted from a wrestling event. Fans at Wrestlemania know whats going on and they are happy enough to be there, they dont want to ruin the experience for anyone else because they don’t want the experience ruined for them either.

As the night went on the crowd was packed with barely any empty seats in the building with the record attendance of 78,000 people. For the first few matches it hadn’t even dawned on me that I was at Wrestlemania. My brother and I stood in unison as Sheamus Brough Kicked Daniel Bryan for an 18 second match to start the night off. We weren’t standing to cheer Sheamus but to wonder what the hell just happen!? It wasn’t the way we had hoped for the event to start as Daniel Bryan fans. Chants of “YES! YES! YES!” filled the parking lot and arena before the show, Daniel Bryan was more over with the crowd than anyone else on the roster save Punk and Rock. It was shocking to see it over so fast, but then again that may mean they did exactly what they wanted to do and shocked the fans.

Most of the card was a bit forgettable. Kane/Orton wasn’t anything special other than the end, which can be said for a lot of the matches. The fans were legitimately happy for Big Show to win at Wrestlemania and become the Intercontinental champion as well in a great show of emotion from the big guy after his match. The divas match got a lot of joke chants because of someones bronzer rubbing off on someone elses backside after a stinkface. Shows how much I was paying attention at that point since I can’t recall who was involved.

It was the Hell in a Cell, End of an Era match that got the fans on their feet. The energy and emotion that Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels gave in that match was felt by every fan in that arena with me in particular never taking my eyes off the action. The chair shots, pedigrees, tombstones and general savagery these two unleashed on each other was astounding. The back and forth hell they gave each other left fans really wondering who would walk away the victor. Chants of “UN-DER-TAKE-ER! TRIP-LE-H!” filled the air with the guy sitting next to me wondering aloud who he was supposed to cheer for! The streak remained in tact with the Undertakers record at Wrestlemania now being 20-0. In a great showing, Undertaker and Shawn lifted Triple H up and helped him to the back, with the three legends stopping to embrace on the entrance way. We still don’t completely know what The End of an Era means though, are both men done and this was their last hoorah? Is Triple H done with Taker coming back sometime later? We’ll find out I guess.

Even after a “break” in the big matches with the Team Johnny/Team Teddy match, the fans were still pretty worn out from the Taker/HHH match. If Taker/HHH was the most emotional match of the night, than CM Punk/Jericho was the most solid wrestling match of the night. While the two men put on a hell of a show, most fans just weren’t getting into it until later in the match. We were all so wiped from the Hell in a Cell that it was hard to get worked up for their match up. Never the less Punk and Jericho put on a great match with some high flying moves out of the ring and tons of submissions. After RAW last night, we know the feud is going to continue so the matches can only get better from these two.

MGK performed before John Cena came out and the fans absolutely crapped all over them just like they did when John Cena emerged. Even Flo Rida didn’t get a great reception as fans were really just ready for The Rock. If there had been a roof on Sun Life Stadium, it would have blown off when the Rock came out. It was his first singles match in years and his hometown crowd was ready to see him put Boots to Asses! Going into this, almost all fans believed that Cena was going to win. Much like Hogan/Rock before, we thought it was going to be a passing of the torch with Rocky giving Cena the nod. Then rumors started to circulate of Cena turning heel and that he was going to win, but by cheating. Everyone had their opinions on what was going to happen, from run ins, cheating and everything BUT what actually happened.

After acting like he was going to use the People’s Elbow against the Rock, Rocky sprung to his feet, caught him with a Rock Bottom and scored the 3 count. There was a lot of “HOLY SHIT!” “YES! YES! YES!” and “ROCKY!” chants as soon as the bell rung. The place was ecstatic and was more than happy to let Cena know that he lost the big one. We were all thrilled, shocked and excited that Rock had one as Sun Life Stadium celebrated. The energy was pulsing through the fans as we had just witnessed what is sure to become a defining moment in the careers of both the Rock and John Cena.

I didn’t get to do Axxess, Ring of Honor, the Hall of Fame, Wrestle Reunion or even NWA Ring Warriors. But you know what? I don’t care. I went to Wrestle-Friggin-Mania and had a blast! It really is something I’ll remember forever and if you’re a wrestling fan, you deserve to go one year. Everyone should. It’s an event unlike anything else I’ve ever seen and may never see again. Check that off the bucket list, FINALLY…Pete has gone….to Wrestlemania.

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