Nantucket Film Festival’s Comedy Roundtable


This comedy roundtable discussion took place back in June 2012 during the Nantucket Film Festival for EPIX movie channel. Hosted by comedian Bill Hader the guest included comedic actors Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey. I’ve always enjoyed discussion pieces like this whether it be comedians, actors, wrestlers, or any other genre where those involved get together and discuss their craft. With these 4 together I couldn’t help but assume it would be incredibly funny and I wasn’t really disappointed. I was surprised however at how subdued and quiet at times Ben Stiller and Chris Rock could be. I wasn’t surprised by how loud and over powering Jim Carrey could be as he tends to speak over the others, cut them off or be the off the wall character we expect from him. They all do seem to get along and like each other, laughing at one anothers jokes and seemingly enjoying themselves.

While Carrey dominates most of the event, Rock and Stiller are sometimes skipped over, which I can only assume has more to do with how this piece was edited and that they probably were more outspoken at the actual event. A roundtable discussion with four comedians seems like it could go on forever, where as the actual documentary is only 46 minutes long. They speak at length about what they find funny, their worst and favorite moments on stage, and how they’ve influenced other comedians and who influences them growing up. If you’re a fan of these comedians you’ll really enjoy it and the film is available to stream on Netflix, so you don’t have to have the EPIX movie channel to actually view it. A lot of laughs in this one along with some great stories from their pasts in stand up, sketch comedy and more.

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