Pete’s Top 5 Favorite Rangers

Ok guys, Morphenomenal Mondays is back and rather than try to pick the “BEST” Rangers from all the previous seasons, I decided to go with my Top Five Favorites!


5. BRIDGE from Power Rangers S.P.D

Bridge was an interesting character in that he started off as more or less the comic relief, but as time went on he proved to be a valuable member of his team. He thought outside the box (while upside down on his head), had the wicked awesome power where he waved his hand and could see briefly into the past. Bridge was also the first to stand up for their android friend Sophie for being “different” than the rest of them. Bridge would return in the Operation Overdrive team up “Once A Ranger” but not as the Green Ranger, but as the Red, having been promoted since Sky took over for a retired Doggie Krueger.



4. KIRA from Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Admittedly, the sole female Ranger on my list, started off that way because I had a massive nerd crush on her. However, Kira to me stands out as one of the best Yellow Rangers, and female Rangers for that matter. Strongly independent and creative, Kira was different than the Yellow Rangers I was used to before. Prior to her, I always felt the Yellow Rangers fit a specific “mold” of being the team member that the behind the scenes guys didn’t know what to do with. On a team of three (originally), Kira stood out and often took center stage. Not to mention her awesome powers like the flight, sonic scream, and her daggers made her a Powered up badass!


3. TOMMY from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo, Turbo and Dino Thunder

I think Tommy would find his way onto everyones list somewhere. He was the Ranger I wanted to be when I was a kid with his awesome Dragon Zord, Dagger and shield on his chest. He stood out among his teammates who were much more “uniform” in their look. Tommy was often the strongest and saved the day but also was the first character in the franchise to really have more in depth stories including his relationship with Kimberly and his dealing with the loss off the Green Ranger Powers. Tommy appeared in more episodes than any other Ranger and would go on to wear more colors than any other as well. At one point or another Tommy would adorn himself in green, white, red (twice) and black. It was a big fanboy moment when he returned for Dino Thunder as “Dr. Tommy Oliver”, the first time we really got a good look at what happened to any of the older characters after their time as a ranger came to an end.


2. ANDROS from Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers in Space was the last of the series that I watched on television as it aired. I was getting older, Power Rangers weren’t “cool” anymore and I was looking for a more dramatic and serious story in my TV. In Space actually gave that to me anyway! A Red Ranger who worked solo against all the evil characters we’d seen before and didn’t want the help of the other Rangers, Zordon was slowly being killed, and Andros long lost sister would turn out to be the evil Astronema! Andros was strong willed, moody and not afraid to do what had to be done to get the job done. He was what I like to think of as the first real “bad ass” Power Ranger, who though he learned to be part of a team and work with others, he always had that loner edge.

1. ADAM from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo, and Turbo.

If I was a Power Ranger, I’d be Adam. I connected with him because he didn’t get the most screen time at first. Adam was displayed as quiet and sometimes shy but was also quick with the jokes. As time went on, Adam would get more and more screen time into Power Rangers Zeo and by Power Rangers Turbo he had taken over as second in command. I remember him most for being the level headed member of the team who didn’t freak out. I also remember him for his quick one liners in Power Rangers: The Movie, which I think were his ONLY lines during the movie. Adam would return briefly in Power Rangers in Space to help Carlos regain his confidence and then would return again like Bridge and Kira for Operation Overdrive’s “Once A Ranger” team up and was probably the ONLY time the Black Ranger led the team and not the Red.

These are the five characters I think of most when I recall all the seasons of Power Rangers I’ve watched. Maybe some of them are yours as well or maybe there’s someone else out there I looked over? Let us know in the comments below who YOUR top 5 favorite Rangers of all time are!


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