Red Angel: An Indy Comic Surprise

If you read comics then you know the past few years has been abuzz with talk of “indy comics.” Usually a big name writer or artist is attached and it sells more issues than anything that DC or Marvel has to offer. Then you realize the company printing the comic is owned by DC or Marvel. I’m not saying all indy books are like this, but for a lot of comic readers thats simply how it is. Red Angel is what real indy comics are about and should be about.

Created by Larry Jarrell and Erin A. Pyne, who also serves as writer, the book features great artwork by Russ Leach and colors by Mike Summers. The artwork reminds me immediately of the kind of books that were popular when I was younger in the early 90’s. It has a feel and look to it that is reminiscent of books like WILDcats and various IMAGE books of the day as well as some of the X-titles from Marvel.

The story is set in an alternate 1890 where after a 25 year war, peace has been achieved. The robots used to battle during the war have been destroyed or reprogrammed and other than some rogue sky pirates, things seem to be looking pretty good for the human race. Until the robots start showing back up again that is. One of the main characers in Red Angel, Captain Victoria Angel, is visually based on model/indy wrestler Amy Vitale “The Italian Princess of Wrestling” that indy fans will know from Full Impact Pro, FCW, and Future of Wrestling.

Amy Vitale as Victoria Angel

Red Angel combines great storytelling and “steam punk” visuals to create a unique reading experience that is both new and reminds you of some other great works out there. The future technology mixed with the old style fashion immediately brought to mind images of Firefly. Even the tone shares a bit with the cult hit show, as the good guys aren’t your typical “white hats.” I had the opportunity to read the first two issues of Red Angel and can honestly say it’s the type of book I would add to my pull list.

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2 comments for “Red Angel: An Indy Comic Surprise

  1. March 8, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Red Angel is an awesome comic book. Amy is amazing. She works great with Sci-Fi and Steam Punk concepts. I have had the good fortune of meeting this heroine and Larry at the Florida SuperCon. It was great to have the chance to view their work in front and center. I was floored!! I am impressed with Larry’s quality and the story of Red Angel. Being a fan of steam punk, I can see their works evolving to other dimensions. I look forward in hearing more news from these guys!! – TroyB

  2. June 27, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Awesome book… That last pic is the cover I inked !

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