Roll Out with Transformers: Dark of the Moon

After the calamity of Transformers 2, a lot of fans had serious doubts about the third (and supposedly last) film of the Transformers series. Even the title, Dark of the Moon, had me somewhat on edge about how good this installation would actually be. As the movie went on, I wasn’t impressed but I wasn’t as turned off as I was while I watched Revenge of the Fallen. After about the first half hour or so, the film really picks up and I’d even go so far as to say it comes close to rivalling the first film in terms of balance between action and story. As fans, we’ve come to expect a lot from what used to be a genre that usually lacked a lot in the story department. Films like the Batman Begins and the first Transformers were proof that you could put a great story into an action movie. Dark of the Moon once again proves that fact.

Sentinel Prime voiced by Star Trek’s Leonard Nemoy

Dark of the Moon finds Sam Witwicky (Shia Lebeouf) out of college and attempting to find a job after having saved the world twice while the Transformers are helping make our world safer as the Decepticons are currently in hiding (or so it seems!) Sam stumbles onto a Decepticon plot to bring Cybertron to Earth in an effort to turn the human race into slave labor. More so it turns out that the 60’s space race was all about getting to the moon to uncover the wreckage from a crashed Autobot ship. While Dark of the Moon features many new Transformers, some of the older ones are gone like the annoying “Twins” from Revenge of the Fallen. They all mostly have smaller roles so you aren’t overwhelmed by their presence while the “regulars”¬†of Optimus Prime,¬†Bumblebee, Ratchet and Ironhide all return for the Autobots while Megatron and Starscream return for the Decepticons. There’s even several well known actors in “smaller” roles likes John Malkovich as Sam’s new boss, Alan Tudyk as Agent Simmon’s Butler/Bodyguard/Assistant and Ken Jeong (who’s in everything these days) as one of Sams’ coworkers. The casting as always is spot on, including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Sam’s new love interest Carly Spencer. She’s less annoying, more likeable, and generally less of a bitch than Megan Fox was. Also for you Star Trek geeks out there, keep an eye out for two very specific lines in the films which features Leonard Nemoy as the voice of Sentinel Prime.

Though it certainly has it’s moments that mirror the former films, Transformers 3 seems fresh and new. It presents a genuine threat to our heroes that Revenge of the Fallen just seems to be missing big time. My only real complaint was that the film seemed to lack a great ending shot. Like the others it ends with an Optimus narration, but it just lacked that little “Oomph” to cap off what is supposedly the end of the series. Overall I’d say it holds up against many of the other big summer blockbusters and out of the four “biggies” I’ve seen (Pirates 4, Green Lantern, Thor & now Transformers 3) it is probably the best out of them all. If you want big action, don’t mind the occasional scenes of Shia Labeouf screaming like a girl and running all over the place, and want to see the Transformers kick some serious robot butt, Roll Out and see Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

PETER has been on a Transformers kick lately and keeps saying things like “Roll Out!” He found himself caring more about the robots then the regular human actors and got a little teary eyed during Transformers 3 and is man enough to admit it. Keep a weathered eye on the site for his upcoming review of Transformers: BEAST WARS season one!

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