Star Wars on Blu Ray: Part Two – The Original Trilogy

Bless me Mr. Lucas for I have sinned, it has been a few years since my last viewing of any of the Original Trilogy. As I stated before I’d been holding ¬†off on buying any of the Star Wars films on DVD because I was secretly waiting for the complete Saga in High Definition. So while I held out, I hadn’t been watching any of the originals since my VHS copies were packed away and I didn’t even have a VCR hooked up! So when I picked up the Complete Saga on Blu Ray, I eagerly couldn’t wait to see who great it looked. Let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.

The image quality is something I haven’t seen since the release of the Special Editions IN THEATERS. Yes, the image looks that clean, crisp and new that you would swear you were watching it on the big screen itself. Every time I started one of the films I would marvel for at least five to ten minutes about how great it actually looked. Now when I said before that I haven’t seen the original trilogy in a few years, that also means most of the new additions Mr. Lucas added when the DVDs were released a few years ago were also brand new to me. Han and Greedo shooting at the same time (Han shot first), Adding Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor in Empire, and Hayden as Ghost Anakin are all things that have earned the mire of a lot of fans. Personally? I couldn’t seeing Hayden at the end of Return of the Jedi, it was really the ONLY addition that really bothered me. The Whole Han-Greedo thing has been going on for so long, my anger has slightly subsided at it, but seeing this horrible actor in a fourth film was like an insult.

TOP: The Original Scene. BOTTOM: The New Scene. (In case you didn't pick up on that.)

I welcomed Ian McDiarmid and the few extra lines tossed into Empire though. It brought the whole saga together a bit more and even added a bit to your speculation that Vader and Palpatine aren’t exactly best buds. Even small things like the Ewoks having eyelids and Vader screaming “NO!” at the end of Jedi didn’t bug me very much. Infact it just made the Ewoks more lifelike and the Vader “NO!” thing, wasn’t as annoying as I thought.

Lets face it, as fans of Star Wars we’re very protective of what we remember from those first viewings, but when it comes down to it George Lucas created it and he can do whatever he damn well pleases with it. Do we have to agree with his choices? No. But they are his choices to make. I compare it to my Dad recently watching 2009’s Star Trek for the first time. Though I wouldn’t call my Dad a Trekkie by any means, he has a very distinct idea of who these characters are and what they should be like. While he enjoyed the movie, he called out a lot of the actors portrayals and even called Spock and Uhura kissing blasphemy. So when I look at Star Wars fans who get angry about the changes, I know it’s not something limited to Star Wars, that fans of other series that have been redone are just as bad as us.

Check out the Original Trilogy on Blu Ray, I honestly believe it’s worth the buy. The image quality alone is something worth the money!

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