Suicide Burial Standoff

I read an article a few weeks back talking about the ending to this season of Syfy’s Being Human.  It said that this year a little cliffhanger leads into the events of Season three.  I need to discuss the definition of the word “little” with that writer.

Our lovelies under one roof
Season one of the series introduced us to monsters who fought their instincts in order to lead a better life.  Season two created a grand canyon sized gap in their friendship, with hints that our monsters would have to re-learn to lean on each other.  And, sure enough, by the end, that did happen.  They all needed help, and were all willing to support each other, which should mean that all became right as rain once again.  Still, there are storm clouds on the horizon. The pieces of their family fit back together, but they forgot the reason they started the puzzle in the first place.  Josh chooses  murder, Sally begins possessing again, and Aidan continues to drag others into a fight he shouldn’t have  begun in the first place.  Sure, Sally possessed in order to help Josh, and Aidan says he’ll be there to back up Josh’s murder plan, but supporting each other in ventures of this nature won’t get us our characters back.  We were told dark paths loomed ahead for our monsters, and we got them.  The mission statement of the house, battling the temptations of their nature is lost.  Without the cliffhanger endings, each of our heroes land in a very scary place.  Add in the cliffhangers, so much worse. This season is definitely looking like the Empire Strikes Back of Being Human.  We’re only missing a Lando in a stolen Han uniform…or maybe that was Atlee.


The Ironic Hug

A long journey led to this episode, but this grand finale has Josh, Sally, and Aidan trying to fix mistakes of the past in order to make things right for their future. Sally started on this path, has come to the realization that the ONLY thing she can do to erase her transgressions is getting herself to Limbo to save the souls she put there.  We get to see Sally’s Mom again (hanging out at the hospital, kind of strange) and Sally begs her mother to shred her as a way to get to Limbo.  Her only other option involves hijacking another ghosts’ door, which would only doom them to a life of crazy like hers, which would only give her more messes to clean up, which is what she’s trying to avoid. We also get a visit from the ever so wonderful Scott, who gives Sally the exact OPPOSITE advice that she needs, making Sally’s story even more complex.  Sally can be very selfish, but she actually makes the largest, most selfless sacrifice to right her wrongs: Ghost Suicide. She goes into the great beyond to find out where everyone she shredded went and attempt and save them. I cannot say the prospect of seeing Nick, Stevie, and Danny again isn’t REALLY exciting…but I’m  concerned as to what Sally may have gotten herself into, and if we’re not going to see Sally except via transistor radio for the first half of the season.  Sally started this season on a mission to bring something fulfilling into her after life and ended up willing to give her life to undo the damage she’d caused.  She went from not caring about hijacking a body as long as SHE go to have sex, to shredding herself in attempts help other souls, including the man that killed her in the first place.

That's gonna leave a mark


Did Sally’s mom go through her door?
I’m thinking she’d want to stay and find out what happens with Sally, since she suddenly understood she needed to be a better mother.  Yet, we never saw her go .

Is the Reaper gone?
He disappeared in pain when Sally offed herself, but will that aspect of Sally always endure if she’s on the same plane of existence? It represents her dark side, and Tony the Handsy Ghost said spirits can go more and more crazy.

I hate this song...change the station

Though slightly different than the other two stories, Aidan also attempts to fix his life and the things that had lead up to this point.  Perhaps my own biases color my view of Aidan, but what he thought needed fixing depends on different points of view.  While I understand why Sally would want to try and fix the lives she broke, Aidan’s need to continue with Suren and do away with mother remained largely self serving. In fact, I saw Aidan’s story and his actions through Henry’s eyes.  Aidan kept insisting that if they did what he wants–if mother dies and he gets the girl, everyone wins. However, that merely gets Aidan what HE desires.  Last week, I’d said that Aidan sent Henry back to Boston out of love for his son.  This week, Aidan puts Henry’s and Suren’s life on the line to get what he thinks right, without a thought to what anyone else might want. Henry flat out says Aidan doesn’t have a clue what Henry wants.  Suren tells Aidan she’s not strong enough, the life he wants for them cannot be hers, but he refuses to see that because its not what HE wants.  From Aidan’s point of view, Mother caused all his lives woes. She grounded Suren, she tried to make Suren into something she’d never become, and she banished Aidan.  While I won’t say I blame him for feeling used, Mother has her own agenda for her empire and daughter, and acts according to that, not for petty personal vengeance.

What about ME, Dad?

I still haven’t  gotten on the Suren/Aidan relationship train.  Even if I accepted the fact that they were actually in love, her character offered nothing I want to root for.  She introduced herself to us as a spoiled, bratty princess, and became little more, showing her weakness till her bitter end. In this episode we get another set of flashbacks, where we learn that Aidan visited Suren’s burial spot every year.  We also see that Mother very upset over having to ground her biological daughter, but saw it as necessity for Suren’s growth.  We hear Mother and Aidan sharing conversation about being parents in a great scene that gives us more insight into Aidan’s human years.  The flashback scenes in this episode held amazing detail for character depth and relationship glue…but they should have come about 8 episodes sooner. It would have definitely helped sway me to accept in Aidan’s feelings for Suren, which I never saw actual examples of.  And it would have also given amazing depth to Mother, who, despite banishing our poor vampire, I never had a problem with.  She’s strict and cruel, but she’s no nonsense and acts as a true, strong leader should.  At the same time, watching her stake her daughter, knowing she did so because it was the right thing to do, knowing it was not something she’ll take lightly was a truly amazing scene to watch.

Can you hear me down there?



How will Aidan get out of being grounded?

I suspect Atlee, as he gave Aidan a strange look while being buried, almost as if not completely happy with the situation.  Atlee is a coward, I’m not sure WHY he’d risk his neck is such a large way for Aidan, but I get the feeling he’ll be helping Aidan.  Maybe he’ll go to Josh with the information.

Why did Mother not kill Aidan?
She’s had the chance several times now, and yet continually leaves him alive.  She sees in Aidan the strength of a leader, qualities she wanted for Suren. I still wonder if she wants him in charge of Boston and is trying to teach him  one of her lessons.

Will Aidan’s words get to Mother?
While obviously emotionally staked upon watching Suren die, Aidan found his strength and courage to stand up to Mother in the end, telling her he knows there’s no way she’ll be able to live with what she’s done.  While I’ve been disappointed in Aidan’s actions in these past few episodes, seeing him face his fate with his head held high, figuratively, was amazing.

What about Henry?
Poor Henry was beaten to a pulp and hung on a meat hook.  This is not his decade. There is no way Mother would let an Aidan loyalist live, yet he also wouldn’t have an off screen staking.  What is the fate of Henry and how much will he be in season 3?  I think that he might have a few bones to pick with Aidan, and embody Bishop’s prediction: the son always kills the father,  has a much better chance at playing out.

Insert stake here

As he did in the beginning of this season, Josh wants to cure Nora.  He’d always felt tremendous guilt over his wolf and turning her, but the events from the eclipse really reminded him of what he thinks is his problem…making Nora’s life curse free again.  Normally, Josh would not consider killing another being, even if in service to another.  Julia’s death was the first big push towards favoring a murderous path.  Not being able to attend her funeral, calling himself the monster that Julia’s loved ones would accuse and blame pushed him harder.  Seeing Nora hospitalized for falling down the stairs trying to hide her secret during the eclipse finalized his choice.  Like Sally, Josh was ready to forfeit his own life, become an even greater monster than the wolf if it meant righting mistakes that he felt responsibility for.

Say hello to my little friend


Josh’s story started with a promise to find a cure for Nora and a gunshot over a black screen, and it ended the same way. (I DO love my bookends).  The second time round,  so much more remains at stake besides if the bullets found their mark.  Nora had told Josh she didn’t want want him to become a killer, because she knew that would destroy who he was.  Now Nora might be taking on that same fate.  Nora has killed, but was on her way back to finding herself again. If she kills Ray what will that mean for her and Josh? Ray has grown as a character. He doesn’t deserve to die.  He was right to say that he’d left Josh alone, per his wishes.  This character doesn’t deserve to die.  Josh says he doesn’t have a home to go back to, he’s lost what he considered life’s do-over with Julia, and is even willing to lose a friend in Sally and become human.

Werewolf Standoff


Is the legend of this cure actually true?
If Nora kills Ray, and no one is cured, they’ve killed a good man for absolutely no reason.  Neither Josh or Nora will deal with that very well.

Where is Brynn?
We know she’ll want to avenge her brother, and there is still a SLIM chance that Nora and Brynn are running together. Will our love of Nora be betrayed when we meet her again?

Did the bullets find their marks?

We heard Nora’s gun first, then the shot gun.  Did they miss, hurt, or kill their targets?
How many weeks till season 3 starts?

I swear to God if the Mayans are right….

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