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Interview with Emmy Award Winner Randy Rogel

  Recently I had a chance to speak with writer, composer, actor, and all around nice guy, Randy Rogel. And even more recently the geek fueled perma-grin finally wore off my face. Full disclosure, Rogel is a family friend. I…

BDP 13: Conventions, Festivals, & Celebrities! OH MY!

Cons, Festivals, celebrities, Oh my! In this Rated R podcast, the gang discusses their experiences at different conventions, what its like to see REAL cosplay up close and personal, and they get a little TV MA about a certain actors “Johnson.” All this and more on the latest BIG DAMN PODCAST!!!

BDP: 04 – Talkin Toons

Caution: This Podcast contains falling anvils! Pete is joined by fellow BigDamnGeek Scully to discuss their love of animation, share bad Christopher Walken impressions and talk obscure cartoons. Also, the debut of our new theme song by David at Skyscraper Studios!

Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen!

You may not know his name or his face but you will definitely know his voice. Rob Paulsen has been performing voices in some of the most well known cartoons from the past thirty (yes, that 3-0) years! ┬áHe’s been…

FREAK OUT with Paul Rugg!

    Paul Rugg is no mystery to fans of cartoons! Voicing characters like Mr. Director from Animaniacs, The Dark Lord – Chuckles the Pig on Dave the Barbarian, and of course as the title character of Freakazoid, Paul is…