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Wrestlemania In Review

MIke from United We Drink returns with a great review of Sunday nights’ WRESTLEMANIA 30. What did this long time wrestling fan think of the 30th anniversary of the biggest event in Sports Entertainment?

BDP: 02 – The Wrestlemania Episode

Pete is joined by Mike of UnitedWeDrink.com & Big Willy from HairManipulator.com to discuss the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania and more pro wrestling geekery!

BIGdamnPREDICTIONS: Survivor Series 2011

For the next couple of months we’ll be offering our prediction for all the upcoming WWE Pay Per Views in the aptly named BIGdamnPREDICTIONS. Today we’re going to go over Survivor Series 2011!   LUMBERJILL DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Divas Champion…