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Love & Rangers: Part 4; The Final Installment

Just another casual, though deeply touching, exchange between these two lovebirds. Kimberly very well could’ve died when she fell from the balance beam in “A Different Shade of Pink.” Thankfully, Katherine shook the evil spell clouding her mind long enough…

Morphin Mondays: Love & Rangers Part 1

While we all know Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is packed with action, adventure and aliens, it also comes with a side dish of good old fashioned romance. This post is dedicated to my favorite couple, Kim and Tommy.

Morphinominal Mondays start next week!

  This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise and we here at BigDamnGeeks intend to celebrate and honor the series that has stuck with us through the years! We’ll be bringing you reviews on every single…