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How The Wild Card Rule Could Fix WWE’s Problems

The WWE’s ratings have been dropping, but is there hope? Could the new Wild Card rule, if used properly, be a way to turn the tides and make the WWE GREAT AGAIN?! Pete discusses his ideas on how they could turn around their ratings woes and make a new, exciting product again.

Wrestlemania In Review

MIke from United We Drink returns with a great review of Sunday nights’ WRESTLEMANIA 30. What did this long time wrestling fan think of the 30th anniversary of the biggest event in Sports Entertainment?

CM Punk Goes Bye Bye?

Is Punk gone from the WWE or this another work to blur the lines of what is real and whats fake in the world of pro wrestling?


Pete gives his predictions for this Sunday’s Summerslam! Lesnar, Triple H, CM Punk, John Cena, Big Show and more come to you live on Pay-Per-View this Sunday!

My Wrestlemania Experience

This was my first Wrestlemania live and without a doubt, it was worth every dollar spent as it is the biggest show of the year. You may have been to Raw, Smackdown or even a taping of IMPACT, but nothing…

Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

We’re just over 24 hours away from the biggest show of the year for Pro Wrestling, Wrestlemania 28 in Miami, FL! I’ll be attending this years big event and will be tweeting along with the show @BigDamnGeeks on twitter, so…

The Undertaker & The Streak

by Peter When it comes to Pro Wrestling, few names are are more synonomous with the business than the Undertaker. He stands 6’10” tall and weights close to 300lbs. He first appeared in the WWE (then the WWF) at Survivor Series in November…