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How The Wild Card Rule Could Fix WWE’s Problems

The WWE’s ratings have been dropping, but is there hope? Could the new Wild Card rule, if used properly, be a way to turn the tides and make the WWE GREAT AGAIN?! Pete discusses his ideas on how they could turn around their ratings woes and make a new, exciting product again.

CM Punk Goes Bye Bye?

Is Punk gone from the WWE or this another work to blur the lines of what is real and whats fake in the world of pro wrestling?

CM Punk crashes the WWE Panel at Comic-Con!

For those who aren’t wrestling fans, CM Punk recently left the WWE (at least in storyline) after beating John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view as the NEW WWE Champion. That has left RAW without a champion but…

WWE Cashes in with it’s Money in the Bank PPV!

It’s a rare occasion for me to buy a Pay-Per-View wrestling event besides Wrestlemania. There haven’t been a lot of feuds that have caught my interest lately, but after seeing those involved in the Money in the Bank Ladder matches…