Tennant and Piper set to return to Doctor Who.


Actors David Tennant and Billie Piper are set to return to the set of Doctor Who. The news spread quickly over the internet the same day that Doctor Who was set to return for the second half of it’s current season. Tennant played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor and Piper played Rose Tyler, the Doctor’s companion for the first and second seasons of the rebooted series. Though Piper left the series earlier, she had a cameo appearance on the show during Tennant’s final episode The End of Time.

Also the news came out that actor John Hurt would be part of the 50th anniversary special, which starts filming later this week, but in what capacity has yet to be announced.

One question I’ve noticed on twitter though, is will Tennant be playing “10” again? We also saw in Piper’s final “regular” appearnce episode Doomsday¬†that there is a Tennant looking human clone of the Doctor that was left on an alternate Earth with Rose and Jackie. Could this be Tennants way in as opposed to seeing him come back at 10? Time will tell!

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